Famous and traditional. The bars and canteens in Mérida are the scene of stories, reunions and solitudes.

The oldest canteens and the best bars in Mérida to drink, drink and eat.

The bars and canteens in Mérida are true icons of the passage of time and of a tradition that never dies.

Although it seems out of time, anachronistic and timeless, even in a couple of them the entrance to women is prohibited.

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In all the canteens of Mérida alcoholic beverages are the protagonists of a scene very similar to the tower of Babel.

Beer, of course, will always be the favorite drink of the Yucatecan public.

In many, simplicity and informality are the key to their success. Others, rebuild the old concept by giving a modern twist to its design and adding live music shows, thus turning them into immortal spaces of the city.

The truth is in the canteens of MéridaIt's not just about drinking, it's also good eating options, listen to music or have a bohemian time, with friends, family (some are from the appropriate environment) or alone (why not?).

Canteens in Mérida to cool off with friends with Yucatecan food and beer of all kinds.

There are several famous canteens in Merida Yucatan, whose names are also suggestive.

Since "The Dry State" to "La Casita de Paja" There are extravagant, original and very funny denominations.

The location of the canteens also says a lot about them.

The canteens in downtown Merida are the oldest and they are located in the most traditional neighborhoods and popular. There are more than a hundred canteens.

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The food or snack in the canteens it is also a hallmark. It usually varies by region and in some places it can include up to a three course menu or more.

The Yucatecan canteen snack includes the most traditional flavors like sikil pak, papdzules, kibis and various tacos.

A city with more than a hundred cantinas

It will be the heat ... In Mérida there are more than 100 canteens. They are distributed in the different city neighborhoods, although they are mostly located in the Center.

In Merida, go to the canteen It is an experience that everyone should live more than once in their life.

They are a meeting point by tradition or custom, and ideal to celebrate, leave problems behind or even work.

The Mérida canteens and bars They are distinguished by their heterogeneous population, you can find from workers to university students to artists, teachers, journalists and foreigners.

There is canteens and bars classic and traditional, located in Antique buildings, that are found open to the public for decades, there are also more chic options with a high quality service, live music, in open spaces and with unique and modern styles.

You can find them for all budgets.

Origin of the canteens

Cantinas Mexicanas
The oldest bars and canteens in Mérida.

The term "canteen" is derived from the Celtic word meaning: pantry, cabinet or small room where they classified and stored wines.

In colonial times they were called tavern, to refer to those establishments that sold all kinds of intoxicating drinks.

The canteens originate approximately in 1847 during the US occupation in Mexico, due to the growing demand for drinks consumed by the invading soldiers.

Beer, the favorite drink in the cantinas of Yucatan

Beer is the oldest registered drink in the world. However, it was in the early Middle Ages that what we know as modern beer.

Around 1150, German monks began using hops in beer.

This peculiar ingredient that provides the bitter taste, had other advantages: among them it allowed to preserve the drink for a longer time.

Over time, countries such as Germany, Belgium and the British Isles became a true beer center thanks to its rigorous preparation techniques and ingredients.

Free snacks or food? Ideal for discovering the gastronomic offer of the region

comida de cuaresma
Papadzules are a typical dish of Yucatecan cuisine.

In the canteens, the main characteristic is the great variety of snacks.

Snacks are almost always dishes from the region, state or city where they are found.

In some canteens, more than 20 gastronomic proposals are offered, which makes them the ideal place to get to know the typical food of the region.

In some places They are divided by time and the type of snack changes according to the amount of alcoholic beverages that are consumed..

In some canteens they still operate with rules or systems for eat free and enjoy the complimentary snack: the first drink gives the right to choose between more or less 5 simple snacks and so on, until you get to choose between main dishes, such as puc chuc, black filling, queen arm, etc.

Some of the most common snacks are:

Papadzules: very tasty, it is a pre-Hispanic recipe characteristic of Yucatan.

Charritos: These fritters mostly made with corn are famous in different parts of Mexico.

Queen's arm: This tamale is typical of Yucatecan gastronomy. It is made with chaya, which is a tree native to the peninsula and Tabasco.

Kibis: Lebanese heritage, this Yucatecan delicacy can be eaten as a snack in many canteens of Merida. It is prepared with wheat dough and stuffed with minced meat.

Codzitos: it is simply a fried omelette accompanied by red sauce and with a little fresh cheese. Without a doubt, it is the best ally to accompany with a fresh beer.

Polkanes: stuffed with ibises, legumes typical of Yucatan, the Polcanes are a very tasty chubby snack. You find it in markets and in the corners of the city. Learn more about the street vendors on the streets of Mérida.

4 Fun facts about the canteens

  1. Did you know that only in 1982 was allowed enter women into canteens? In this way, a prohibition that had been in force since the 19th century was null and void.
  1. 62 liters per inhabitant per year. That is the average consumption of Mexicans in the canteens and bars in Mérida.
  1. The antecedent of the cantinas were the inns. In Mexico the first one opened its doors in 1525 in the country's capital.
  1. The word and concept of canteen began to be used in 1847, after the invasion of the Americans into Mexican territory.

9 bars and canteens with complimentary snacks


One of the older canteens in Merida from the city. For eight decades, it has provided Yucatecan snacks and good service.

It is also known for its bands of live jazz Sunday afternoon. A show that goes back to old New Orleans from your table.

Address: Calle 64 x 53, Centro.

Cardinal Cantina

This restaurant bar in Mérida transmits an atmosphere for friends and has outdoor spaces.

There is live music and be sure to accompany your beer with its delicious snacks and promotions that they constantly publish on their social networks.

Address: Calle 63 x 70 y 72, Centro.

The Gallito

Its comfortable and extensive bar is a symbol of the bars in the center of Mérida. Among the richest snacks you will find fish, ceviche and mole.

Remodeled canteens and bars in Merida.

Address: Calle 45, almost corner with 62, Centro.

The Dry State

It is a classic among students and one of the most popular canteens in Merida.

Cantina Económica, was born in the 1930s and continues to serve the thirstiest of our days.

Old and informal, in it you can enjoy a very cold beer (loggerhead version but double) and eat delicious thanks to a generous snack which may include pork rinds in red sauce, Motuleño eggs and potatoes with chorizo.

The menu varies from day to day and an average of eight different snack dishes are served between beer and beer.

Address: Calle 47 y 66, Centro.

The Straw House

Lots of beer and rum at affordable prices, for pirates who come looking for where to quench the thirst of the sea.

In La Casita de Paja you can choose your music on the jukebox. It is a super popular place among the residents of the area and university students.

Address: Calle 55, between 44 and 46, Centro.

The Morning Star

One of the ideal canteens in Merida to go on a weekend with the family is the Lucero del Alba.

Spacious with live music and a varied proposal of snacks 100% Yucatecan You can taste from cochinita tacos to black filling or queen's arm.You can eat for free even gizzards!

Address: Calle 56 y 47, Centro.

The Bold

If you are looking for a varied target in La Negrita you will find it. Adults and young people, foreigners and locals, meet every day in this evening canteen.

Their snack is simple but abundant: refried beans, greaves, cucumbers, popcorn and codzitos. There is live music.

Address: Calle 62 y 49, Centro.

The good bye

It is one of the most famous canteens in Merida to go in a family atmosphere.

Every day in Eladios women and men gather to have a drink and eat a delicious Yucatecan snack.

At the tables there is almost everything: Pop Chuc, squid ceviche, wrapped child, kibis, gorditas ...

Address: Calle 59 #425, Centro.

Pueblo Nuevo Bar

Popular and cheap, this is another one of the bars in Mérida where you can enjoy a cold loggerhead. The snacks are homemade and include pickled potatoes, black filling, and beans with pork.

Address: Calle 53, corner with 44, Centro.

What did you think of these suggestions for canteens in Mérida? Without a doubt, they are a great place to eat, refresh and be witnesses to the immortality of space in Yucatan.

In all of them, your drink of beer is accompanied with an assorted snack, generous and in some cases with the best artisan flavor. Get to know them!