2020 Profitable Business List; Find ideas to start your investment and ensure a rate of return with a low probability of risk.

We show you ideas of profitable business for this 2020 with little investment, safe rate of return and fast so you can start the year.

Don't forget: patience, energy and a lot of strategy are required to start any business.

Start in Yucatan, an attraction for foreign capital

The Mexican population has always interacted with foreign brands and products.

The familiarity of the Mexican to foreign capital and its market is an advantage, therefore, it is easy for Investors from around the world launch new businesses in Mexico.

On the other hand, there is currently no great difference in the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Mexican peso.

Capital from foreign companies that invest in Mexico has a greater purchasing power, which reduces the cost of real estate, construction and equipment.

If what you want is boost the economy of the southeast region In Mexico, giving new job opportunities, undertaking a foreign product in or around Mérida, remembers dignifying and being fair with the price of Yucatecan labor.

To achieve a Mexico of strong companies, it begins by granting fair wages and benefits to workers.

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Reasons that make Southeast Mexico the promised land of investment

Emerging market

Mexico is considered a emerging market and the growth of the Yucatecan economy in recent years is an example. In an emerging market, you will have access to new capital, which can really help you boost your place in the industry.

As emerging economies become more developed, like what we are currently seeing in Mexico, there is a increase in available capital that companies can take advantage of to expand in the country.

Economic stability

Another fact in favor that motivates to make an investment in the southeast of Mexico and bet on the Mexican economy is stability.

While much of the world is still recovering from the 2008 recession, Mexico has remained very stable since then which means there is a great potential for economic investment.

Likewise, Mexico's banks are stable and diversified, so its economy managed the recession well and continues to provide stability to investors.

However, after this long period of confinement, many companies and investors are adrift or, where appropriate, have chosen to close the investment bag.

Which has left Mexico's economic stability hanging on a thin thread.

Profitable business landscapes

Mexico is a friendly country for small businesses. However, business licenses they are still quite expensive.

According to the World Bank, the ease of doing business in Mexico decreased to 38% in 2015 from 42% in 2014.

negocios rentables 2020
Profitable Business 2020

But despite that, Mexico is still one of the best places to invest, even for foreigners who want to start a business in Mexico.

Top 10 profitable businesses 2020 with little investment and fast rate of return

Auto repair and sale

The automobile market in Mexico is huge and affordable. Instead of starting a production line, you can start with a repair and sales location. It is easy to start and profitable.

Import and export

Starting an import and export business is highly profitable in Yucatan due to the geographical advantage of the state.

Some of the most important export products in Mexico are electronic products, auto parts, petroleum products, fruits, vegetables, cotton, coffee, plastic, etc.

Accounting firm

No business in any industry and investment can do without good accounting.

If you are an accountant, the capital of Yucatan is a land of opportunity because it is an emerging developing economy and maintains commercial ties with its neighboring country, the United States. This has led to an increase in the growth of companies that need accounting services.

This business costs little or capital. The only expenses that can be incurred are those related to market the services.

Dry cleaners

A nearby dry cleaner is always necessary. Dry cleaning dry cleaners have grown in recent years, but cannot keep up with demand. This type of business requires an initial investment in machines that recovers quickly.

Like restaurants or food stalls, the key to this business lies in the location of the premises.

There are also options of dry cleaning at home. Those responsible are responsible for removing the garments from your home and returning them once they are ready.

Delivery businesses have the leading role in this quarantine. People require the same services, without leaving home.

Computer repair

One of the profitable 2020 businesses is computer repair. This is a highly specialized business in the field and requires a great deal of technical knowledge.

However, day by day it becomes a necessity to have a nearby and reliable repair center thanks to the increase in new technologies in everyday life.

In addition to the repair service, you can attach sale of parts and accessories for computers. This venture requires low capital investment and can be started or operated on a small scale.

Bed and Breakfast

In recent years, a business that has prospered and received a great investment in Mérida is the tourism sector, especially in regards to accommodation. In fact, many old mansions have been converted into luxurious inns and Bed and Breakfasts.

We don't know What will the tourist flow be like when commercial and social activities are restored? after the pandemic; However, the accommodation business is always waiting for new clients and the Bed and breakfast is a great option to start.

Boutique hotels

It is presented as one of the disruptive models of the hotel industry and is very lucrative. To operate, you must have knowledge and experience.

In Merida there is a lot of potential for this business and there are ideal old properties to rehabilitate that can be a great starting point.

Community tourism guide

This is another profitable business opportunity for those who live near tourist centers. Knowledge of the locality and interesting landmarks, in addition to speaking at least one language such as English, is all it takes to start this business.

It is a very flexible venture that can be operated from home. To expand income, it is advisable to maintain alliances with hotels.

Although a good website and having a presence on sites like Airbnb can make a difference.

Canoe, kayak and surfboard rental

Near Mérida there are incredible places to start this business. Beaches like Progreso or Holbox are gaining popularity, so investing in this business in some of those areas is a good opportunity.

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Digital marketing

The number of people who are on social networks is growing at around 13.5 percent per year, which means that more than half of all Mexicans communicate through the Internet.

The increased use of the Internet guarantees a place for digital marketing. In that sense, it is a good opportunity, especially now that all businesses need to focus their efforts on online sales.

The increase in the population interested in social networks leads, increasingly more compulsory, to companies to position themselves through digital advertising.

Sales strategies have changed with modernity and A digital marketing agency is a must for the entrepreneurial business landscape.

Co-working cafeterias

In recent times, coffee shops have been the order of the day. Anyone with a passion and talent for coffee can start a coffee shop.

Cafeterias have become a kind of workplace in many countries.

Today, remote jobs confront young people and adults to spend the entire afternoon in the cafeteria of their choice, if it is equipped with everything an office worker may require, then you have a profitable business with a future.

If you know about coffee or just love the product, a coffee shop would be a great way to convert these qualities to make a good profit in Mexico.

With this information you will be able to visualize the infinite investment opportunities that Mexico offers.

The Yucatan peninsula promises to gradually become the cradle of profitable business 2020, as well as Mexican or foreign investments that offer new work alternatives and a decent life.


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