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bombas yucatecas

Yucatecan bombs. Customs and Traditions with mischief

Yucatecan, popular and centennial pumps. Verses typical of the culture in Yucatan that accompany the jarana, the slang and combine humor with a festive game of rhymes. Yucatan ...
arbol de ceiba

The life of the Ceiba Tree

It is a sacred tree that imposes to be admired for its size, and suffered by its thorns. A colossal being that involves a cosmogonic meaning for the Mayan culture ...
empleos home office

16 Most requested home office jobs

In times of taking care of ourselves, many people find themselves working from home, entering the world of home office jobs for the first time. How much do you know about this modality ...
Huevos motiuleños en merida

Lenten Food 100% Yucatecan

Lent comes with the best flavors. If you are looking for a recipe for Lenten food or food without red meat, we share the best dishes and tell you what Lent is ...
desayunos buffet en merida

Good Morning? Acclaimed buffet breakfasts in Merida

Buffet breakfasts in Mérida to pamper yourself with the varieties of their dishes. The best places to share a hearty and delicious breakfast. A famous phrase says that there is ...
boda en la playa

Tips and beautiful places for an unforgettable beach wedding

Beach weddings to exchange vows in the open air and the waves of the sea ... Plan your wedding by the sea with these tips and know which are the best places to ...
receta de cochinita pibil vidaenyucatan.com

The what, how and where of the cochinita pibil

Pibil is a Mayan word, which means buried or cooked underground, it describes a very popular dish of Yucatecan food: know what it is, how to prepare cochinita pibil and where to eat it for ...
Francisco de Montejo

Francisco de Montejo. The name that is heard throughout the city

After heated resistance and several defeats, Francisco de Montejo, father and son, conquered Yucatan in the 16th century. We tell you who Francisco de Montejo is and why his name is repeated ...
Día de la mujer

Women's day | Yucatecans, pioneers in the fight for their rights

We celebrate women's day with a brief tour of the history of their struggles and achievements that are part of the identity of Yucatan. Worker, indigenous, mestizo, ...
que servicios de salud se proporcionan en Mérida

Hospitals and health services in Mérida

Brief directory of hospitals in Mérida | Health services include private and public hospitals; both build the quality of life in the Mexican southeast. About what...

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