Tourist Tianguis 2020

Tourism Tianguis 2020 | The industry's largest fair for the first time ...

Mérida will host the 2020 Tourism Tianguis. This is a great event that brings together buyers and exhibitors from the national and international tourism sector to promote tourism in Mexico. Living in Mérida is synonymous with culture and ...
benefits of hiring real estate

Benefits of hiring real estate to sell or buy houses

Do you know the benefits of hiring real estate agencies to sell or buy a house in Mérida? Discover them and start your life in Yucatán. Selling a house in Merida or acquiring a property takes its process. Always be...
Henequen in Yucatan

"Living green gold" The henequen business in Yucatán

The henequen business in Yucatan boosted the region in centuries past. At present this sector seeks to re-promote the industry and bets on tourism. The economy in Mérida shone at the end of the 19th century ...
Ticul shoes

Shoes from Ticul, Yucatán. Art and design at your feet

Ticul shoes? At 85 kilometers from Mérida, Ticul is located. A small town famous for its shoe factories and other jewelry ... Located between Muna and Oxkutzcab, Ticul is a good place to meet ...
Life in Merida

8 tips to buy cheap plane tickets

Buying cheap plane tickets is possible. Get to know these tips to earn discounts, so you can travel to Mérida and get to know Yucatán. Mérida is an ideal destination to visit. The proximity to beaches and cenotes is ...
Independent Business in Mérida - vidaenyucatan.com

4 Successful ideas to invest in an independent business in Mérida

Do you want to invest? We tell you why betting on an independent business in Mérida is profitable. It is not news that life in Mérida is one of the best in Mexico and that in recent ...

5 Successful franchises in Mérida. Opportunities for great

How much do you know about franchises in Mérida? If you plan to invest in this city, know which are the most successful businesses. If you already have a capital to start, but you lack ideas, these franchises in ...
invest in real estate

3 renewable resources to invest in Yucatan and help the environment

Investing in Yucatán has many advantages. Sectors such as construction and renewable energies recognize these benefits and have joined forces to make their investments responsible through resources ...
business management app

5 Apps you need for your business

Manage a functional business from your cell phone with order and productivity tools, even if you are at a distance. What is your favorite business management app? Today technology shortens the distances of ...
Investment in Merida

I've already arrived in Mérida! 3 tips for investing

Investing in Mérida, Yucatán is a trend that is gaining more and more followers. Known worldwide for its high quality of life and beauty, in recent years it has become one of the ...
Tourist Tianguis 2020

Merida the business capital of the Mexican southeast

Moving to Mérida, Yucatán is a great investment and even more so if you want to do business. Did you know that the city of Mérida is recognized as the best place in Mexico to do ...
Mérida, Yucatán a growing city inhubly.com

Merida, a growing city

Security and peace are not the only benefits of living in Mérida Mérida in recent years has grown notably and has long been achieving the top positions in the best cities for ...
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