Buying cheap plane tickets is possible. Learn about these tips to earn discounts, so you can travel to Mérida and get to know Yucatán.

Mérida is an ideal destination to visit. The proximity to beaches and cenotes is a great attraction, but not the only one. The city is synonymous with history and culture. So what are you waiting to meet her?

If the problem is the cost of the tickets, whether you want to go on vacation to Merida or take a trip for pleasure, there are several tricks to make your flight cost less. Follow these tips and save money.

1. Book your trip 49 days in advance.

According to different studies, 49 days in advance is the best time to make a reservation and buy a plane ticket to travel to Mérida.

2. Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays.

If you are wondering what is the best day to start your vacation in Merida and buy cheap plane tickets, according to various investigations, it is recommended to do it on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

3. Avoid popular flight days

The concept of supply and demand applies to many things, including airfare. That is why flying, to get to know Yucatan, on popular flight days, such as Friday or Sunday, is not a good option. If you want to buy cheap tickets avoid those days and travel: Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

4. Take advantage of search engine offers

The Internet is a treasure trove of information if you are looking to travel to Merida and ways to save on airfare. To get started, use a Search Engine rate comparison. Compare online until you find the best deal. That way, it is easier to buy cheap airline tickets.  

5. Follow the airlines on social media

Before buying a certain flight at a specific price, follow your favorite airlines on social media and sign up for their mailing lists. Doing so could mean learning about offers and saving even more to get to know the Yucatan.

6. Sign up for discounts

Many airlines offer a discount card, of the membership type. By obtaining these discounts, your vacations in Merida can be much cheaper. You can get discounts on tourist packages, accommodation and car rental.

It can also be used to earn air miles or discounts for checked luggage.

7. Join frequent flyer programs

In addition to getting an airline rewards card, you can enroll in the airline's frequent flyer program. This can help you earn free miles to later exchange them and buy a plane ticket.

8. Travel to a different airport

The fare for a ticket between airports within a 100 mile radius can vary dramatically. The cost of driving to an airport an hour away could end up being much less than the difference in your plane ticket. Compare how much is the cost of the plane ticket to Mérida and how much is the price for a ticket to Cancun. 

Remember: trying any of these tips could save you big. So, start looking for deals online and consider traveling during off-peak hours and from other airports within 100 miles of your destination city. Finally, don't forget to register to receive offers from your favorite airlines; you never know when you might get big discounts.

And don't give up. The ideal airfare is somewhere; all you have to do is find it. 

With these tips you can now buy cheap plane tickets and start your vacations in Merida. It's time to pack your bags! What are you waiting for? Enjoy your vacation in the White City.

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