Ticul shoes? At 85 kilometers from Mérida, Ticul is located. A small town famous for its shoe factories and other jewelry ...

Located between Muna and Oxkutzcab, Ticul is a good place to know if you plan to invest in Yucatan. Its shoe factories are very prestigious due to their artisanal manufacturing and excellent quality.

This destination is ideal for doing business in Yucatan, as it is located within the “Puuc Route” which makes it the perfect city to invest in or explore the archaeological sites, cenotes and farms that are located around it.

Ticul shoes, invest in Yucatán

The possibilities of doing business in Yucatan are numerous and diverse. In recent years, Ticul's shoe factories have gained fame, turning this town into the capital of Yucatecan footwear.

With more than 50 years of experience, these family businesses have diversified their production according to the needs and evolution of the market. Currently they make footwear for the whole family with first-rate materials, following fashion trends.

The production of Ticul shoes is made up of approximately 50 workshops that the town has. Just over 400 thousand pairs are manufactured a year and it generates, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), more than 2,000 direct jobs.

Ticul has a lot of potential to invest in the footwear area and hopes to expand its sales to other states. On some occasions, many manufacturers have taken their products to nearby cities and have participated in different fairs, including those held in Mérida.

December, take advantage of the Ticul shoe fair

A good proposal to know the products that are manufactured in Ticul is to visit their holiday fair.

If your business idea in Yucatán goes into fashion, take advantage of this fair. From wallets to clothes and, of course, footwear, on those dates, in the main square of Ticul all the local factories meet offering the best seasonal prices.

With dozens of exhibitors and organized by the Ticul Chamber of Commerce, at the event you can buy boots, heels, sandals and different types of footwear for men, women and children.

Footwear industry in Mexico

In Mexico the footwear industry has seen positive trends. In recent years, competitiveness, productivity and international designs have driven footwear exports, and have been able to create year-on-year growth strategies for the internationalization of Mexican footwear.

Zapatos de Ticul Yucatán
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Buyer confidence has improved the dynamics of international trade, especially in the United States, the main importer of footwear manufactured in Mexico.

Other regions that have shown interest in Mexican footwear are Central and South America. However, the organizations that represent this sector ensure that the main challenge facing Mexican footwear is to improve and facilitate supply and demand for the international market, offering an effective solution for buyers seeking a balance between volume, speed in the business process, creative identity and quality.

Pottery, another business to invest

Finally, and if it is about doing business in Yucatan, another very recognized trade in Ticul is that of the potter. The pottery of this town dates back many decades and is a family trade that has been passed down from generation to generation.

There are old workshops, of great tradition, that make a variety of pieces. From flowerpots to vases to statues or fountains there are many objects.

The products of the Ticul potters are sold in different states and cities such as: Cancun, Tabasco, Chiapas, Tulum or Cozumel.

We already mentioned two proposals to invest in Yucatán: Ticul's shoes and its pottery. What are you waiting to undertake?

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