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yucatan customs and traditions

Yucatan is a party! Customs and traditions

Like Paris, Yucatán is a party! Their customs and traditions stand out for their art, humor, values and deep respect for the beliefs of their ancestors ... Festivities that make life in Mérida ...
neighborhoods of merida

Portrait of the neighborhoods of Mérida | Santiago

The Santiago neighborhood is a portrait of the history of Merida. Learn about its history, tourist offer and walk through other nearby neighborhoods of Mérida ... The neighborhoods of Mérida are the cradle of thousands of stories ...
cocoa museum

Cocoa Museum: Ancestral Memory

They call the Museum of Cocoa the place where they safeguard a tradition that goes back several centuries in the past. Located in Yucatan, the house of chocolate, the home of cocoa, awaits the visit of ...
Buffet breakfasts in Merida

Good Morning? Acclaimed buffet breakfasts in Mérida

Buffet breakfasts in Mérida to pamper yourself with the varieties of their dishes. The best places to share a rich and delicious breakfast. A famous phrase says that you have to have breakfast like a king, have lunch like ...
beach wedding

Tips and beautiful locations for an unforgettable beach wedding

Weddings on the beach to exchange vows in the open air and the waves of the sea ... Plan your wedding by the sea with these tips and know which are the best places for an event ...
Farms near Mérida - vidaenyucatan.com

Haciendas to stay on a trip back in time

Witnesses of the past, haciendas in Yucatán are now the lodging of those who seek spaces with great stories ... Are you looking for hotels in Mérida? Wouldn't you like to know the past in Yucatan and stay in a ...
Tourist Tianguis 2020

Tourism Tianguis 2020 | The industry's largest fair for the first time ...

Mérida will host the 2020 Tourism Tianguis. This is a great event that brings together buyers and exhibitors from the national and international tourism sector to promote tourism in Mexico. Living in Mérida is synonymous with culture and ...
the cork

Ecological reserves in Yucatán: El corchito

Still haven't visited El Corchito? One of the advantages of living in Yucatan is the proximity that exists with multiple tourist areas. Among these are ecological reserves, where visitors can ...
cenotes near Mérida

One week in the White City, Yucatán | Tips for traveling

Seven days are enough to create a world and also to know the white city. An organized agenda is enough to amaze you for a week in Yucatán. If you don't know where to start, start with these ...
Jazz Nights - VidaenYucatan.com

Jazz and live music for an evening to the rhythm of the saxophone

Listening to jazz and live music near your home, while enjoying a glass of wine with your favorite company, is a reality ... Where? is the question.
mayan crafts

Mayan handicrafts: 10 towns in Yucatán that were born to create

Mayan crafts are an example of the infinite creativity of the Yucatecan people. Discover what they are and the incredible places within the state where you can find them. The artisans of the towns in Yucatan have ...
Carnival 2020 - vidaenyucatan.com

Carnival 2020 to celebrate the world upside down

This 2020 Carnival is preparing for another leap into the transgressive world, where everything is allowed between the bustle of the floats, the parades and the party. The carnival party is one of ...
glamping yucatan

Glamping in Yucatán: Nature and Glamor

Glamping | Luxurious way of camping that is already a trend in Yucatan. Hameki, the perfect place for you to experience this style of accommodation ... Glamping in Yucatan only in one place: Hameki. A space in the ...
Confident chairs in Yucatán

The confidant chair, a legend of love or reality?

Painted in pure white and with space for only two people ... The confidant chair is in any corner of Mérida for the rest of the lovers. Do you already know the legend of love that it hides? Merida ...
Candlelight day in Mérida

Celebrate Candlemas Day in Valladolid, Yucatán

Candlemas Day is celebrated in Mexico on February 2 of each year. If you are going to live in Mérida, take a tour of Valladolid, Yucatán and know what this ...
How to go to Progreso from Merida

Tips for travelers: How to go to Progreso from Mérida?

Are you visiting and don't know how to get to Progreso from Mérida? Don't worry, in Mérida all roads lead to your destination ... Puerto Progreso, or simply Progreso, as the Yucatecans call it, ...
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