Investing in Yucatán has many advantages. Sectors such as construction and renewable energies recognize these benefits and have joined forces so that their investments are responsible through environmentally friendly resources.

Mérida is the capital of the state of Yucatán and, in the last decade, it has quickly become the financial, political and economic center of the peninsula. Its climate of security and tranquility is a magnet for national and foreign capital.

In recent years, businesses in Mérida have multiplied. And is not for less. The resources in Yucatán are numerous. From vast areas of land to incredible natural resources. Everything is possible. That is why different Mexican and foreign companies have focused on renewable energy and more efficient real estate developments, with less impact on the environment.

Invest in Yucatan in renewable energy and efficient buildings 

In different business meetings in Mérida there is already talk of turning the state capital into a global city, with broad commitment to sustainable development and great strength of civil society.

Yucatán is one of the states with the most expensive electricity prices in the country. In the coming years, 9 renewable energy projects will be installed on the peninsula. This investment, according to the Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce of Yucatan, will mean an economic spill of around 9 billion pesos and the creation of around 3,000 direct and indirect jobs is estimated. 

In addition, the Institute of Petroleum and Energy (ITPE) will be created, which will train the next generations of professionals in the energy sector.

In Mexico, we have begun to implement proposals and regulations that reduce our environmental impact - Some specifically focus on certain waste, such as disposable plastics. Read here the note from the Senate of the Republic.

Some ideas to invest in Yucatán

1. Solar energy

Solar energy is one of the great resources and has been one of the reasons why many companies have decided to invest in Yucatan. 

A few months ago the San Ignacio solar plant was inaugurated in Progreso. Thanks to this project, 30 thousand homes will use the electricity generated by this new solar plant.

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This initiative has the capacity to produce up to 18 megawatts of electricity and supply up to 5.3% of households in the state. The solar plant covers 66 hectares and has an investment of $30 million dollars from Chinese capital.

The San Ignacio plant joins 24 other renewable energy projects that are already underway in Yucatán, representing an investment of up to $ 4.5 billion dollars.

In the coming years, Yucatán is expected to generate 3,400 megawatts of clean energy. In addition, the construction of a new solar plant in Valladolid is expected, which will generate 79 megawatts of renewable energy. 

2. Wind energy

Another resource is wind energy. In this sense, the port city of Progreso will host a wind farm, which has Mexican and Chinese-European investments of approximately 155 million dollars.

The new project in Progreso will complement the current Dzilam wind farm and will consolidate the operation of 160 MW of wind power in the Yucatan Peninsula. Undoubtedly, these types of initiatives contribute to improving the environment, taking advantage of the resources in Yucatan. 

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Both initiatives will contribute more than 500 GWh to the national electricity system and will prevent the emission of approximately 263,500 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year, which is equivalent to removing approximately 144,000 cars each year. 

In this way, Yucatán contributes to Mexico being able to fulfill the commitments acquired with the international community in the fight against climate change.

3. Real estate investment 

Yucatán is a privileged state. Safety is the key feature of this state and the main reason why more and more families are moving to Mérida, the capital of Yucatán. Its excellent location, pleasant climate and beautiful beaches are also some of the reasons for its development.

Culture and traditions, as well as the growth of the foreign population, have made Yucatán a state with a high potential for real estate investment. That is why investing in Mérida is a profitable and safe business.

The number of offices, houses and residential buildings has increased thanks to the families and companies that moved to Yucatán to enjoy a better quality of life. In fact, the city has one of the largest expat communities in Mexico; there are a large number of foreign families from the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe.

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