Las Coloradas Yucatan, within the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, bewitches the pink color emanating from its salt ponds ...

You imagine a pink beach? It exists very close to Mérida, in Las Coloradas. The beaches in Yucatan are an artist's dream come true.

Yucatan is a state that stands out for the diversity of its space, especially for their colors that dye the afternoons and life.

We find the peculiarity of its colors and the design that the flora and fauna create in each tourist space, in each magical town and architectural uplift; but the color pink, is a constant in life in Yucatan.

Las Coloradas, a curious reddish landscape populated by pink flamingos, It is located just over 2 hours and a half from Merida.

Without a doubt, this destination presents a stage that will impact all your senses, an impressive visual spectacle.

A quiet place where you can appreciate natural pink waters and a clean and amazing horizon.

Las Coloradas Yucatan
Las Coloradas, Yucatan.

Almost virgin, Las Coloradas de Yucatan is a fishing village with little infrastructure, but with everything you need for a guided tour.

Its past and present salinero distinguishes it from the rest of the coastal towns, which are dedicated only to fishing. In fact, its salt industry is the largest and most important in the region.

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Las Coloradas Yucatan, why is the water pink?

The biggest attraction of this pink beach near Cancun are its particularly salmon-colored waters, which vary in intensity, according to the largest amount of salt.

Since Mayan times, this area has been used for salt extraction. Since the lagoons are shallow, the plankton, red seaweed and shrimp They thrive in the environment and paint the waters.

With the evaporation of water, these species become more concentrated, turning the surface pink.

The landscape is even more impressive, because during the months of April and May, It houses a large community of flamingos, which are also pink and frame the canvas of Las Coloradas Yucatan.

Even if you are tempted, you can't bathe in the lagoon. To enter you must pay an entry of approximately $50 pesos, and be accompanied by a local guide, who you will find in the access area.

When to visit Las Coloradas?

The best season to visit the Coloradas Yucatan is throughout the year.

Although there are times when the salt mine empties one of the locks. However, the guides request permission from the salt mine to enter another of the locks.

As we mentioned previously, the months of April and May concentrate life in pink that lives in Las Coloradas, so it is also the appropriate time to visit and get to know this show in pink.

Two tips:

The pink color is seen more intensely among the 12 and 15 hours, which is when the sun is at its zenith.

Do not forget to bring comfortable clothes, hat and sunscreen during your visit. Remember to stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

In the surroundings, take a tour of:

Las Coloradas beach

This beach is very lonely and perhaps therein lies its charm. If you go in May you may meet different sea turtle species they get there to spawn.

Cancunito Beach

This destination is little known to foreigners, but a favorite among locals. It is located on the way to Río Lagartos. Ideal for bathing in the sea with a little privacy.

Lagartos River

Pink flamingos are part of the Yucatan stage in pink.

If you are heading to Las Coloradas, I suggest you also take a boat tour of the nearby Río Lagartos biosphere.

To do so, simply take the main road. Within 30 minutes you will find the access and the boats that will take you to the reserve.

How to get to Las Coloradas Yucatan?

The distance from the center of Merida to the Coloradas Yucatan is 219 kilometers.

You must take the road that goes towards Tizimín. From this town you are 53 kilometers away.

How long is it from Mérida to Las Coloradas?

It all depends on the transport you choose. If you go to Las Coloradas, by car you do about 2 and a half hours, approximately. By bus the tour can last up to 3 and a half hours.

The bus from Mérida to Las Coloradas is taken at the TAME terminal.

First you must go to Tizimín. From this town there are direct connections every two hours. Then you have to take a truck to Las Coloradas.

How to get there from Cancun?

From Cancun you can hire a tour or taxi service. There are also public transport, but to get there you must make different combinations: Cancun / Tizimín Tizimín / Las Coloradas.

How much is made from Cancun to Las Coloradas? In public transport it is more than 4 hours of travel. By car or taxi, about 3 hours.

Yucatan houses an infinite gallery of paradisiacal places, worthy of dreams and surreal paintings. Las Coloradas, with a beach of life in pink.

Know soon, other pink spaces in Yucatan at Vida en Yucatan.

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