Yucatecan pumps, popular and centenary. Verses typical of the culture in Yucatán that accompany the jaranas, the slang and combine humor with a festive game of rhymes.

Yucatan has many customs and traditions and the Yucatecan pumps are one of them.

The bombs are characteristic verses of popular festivals, where they are recited and interspersed with music from the Jaranas and their content or theme is diverse.

There from Rude Yucatecan pumps to educational Yucatecan pumps. Of course: in all of them there is a hint of humor or mischief, in that post you can find a little of all.

An example are the Yucatecan drunk pumps, who often recite hilarious stories.

The origin of the Yucatecan pumps dates back centuries. His antecedents are located in Spain.

Then, during colonial times, they spread to the Gulf of Mexico. "Bomba" refers to the top hats used by the Spanish.

As they were the first to make this type of rhyme, the use of this word derives from there.

Much has been written and said about these verses. According to various studies, the Yucatecan pumps are a variation of what is known as the Spanish copla, whose characteristics are also festive and popular.

In fact, they were an effective communication tool and were used before the printing press was born.

Some centuries ago, the copleros and troubadours compiled these verses to pass them on from generation to generation.

Upon reaching the New Continent, after the Conquest, they acquire new structures.

Some records place the beginning of these cultural manifestations in Yucatan from 1841.

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Kub-pol: The Yucatecan Bomba in Mayan Culture and Traditions

As we have mentioned, Yucatecan pumps in maya, like much of the traditions and Yucatan customs, they have a history of synchrony with Spanish culture.

Its most concrete expression is recorded in the Kub-pol celebration. During this festival offerings and prayers are made to the gods.

Within the framework of these festivities there were characters who made jokes while dancing.

Usually the offense included a boar's head. Then they prayed and food was prepared.

Then a group of women began to dance the Jarana. At some point during the dance, someone would interrupt to shout "Bomb!"

In this way the dancer dressed as a cowgirl was courted, through a rhyme that recreated an anecdote or story that had taken place in the town.

6 Characteristics of the Yucatecan pumps

1.      In Mayan and Spanish

The conjunction between the two cultures is also expressed in the Yucatecan Bomba, which usually includes words from both languages.

2.      Why "Bomb"?

The word began to be used as an allusion to the celebration itself.

Later, the term began to be used to refer to rhymes or couplets. It is also the word that anticipates the rhyme.

3.      A great motivator for dairy farms

In the past, it is believed that Yucatecan pumps were also used to motivate workers during the vaquerías.

4.      Boom in the 19th century

Many studies place the boom in Yucatecan pumps during the 19th century in festivities and celebrations. However, it is thought that they could have been carried out a few years earlier.

5.      Protagonists in the Jaranas

The Yucatecan pumps are heard in the Jaranas, they complement them and are part of this typical regional dance.

6.      Couplet or quatrain

If it is not included as part of the Jarana, it is not considered a bomb.

How are the Yucatecan pumps recited?

Imagine that you are in a Jarana. The music stops. The word is heard Bomb! and a dancer woos his partner out loud saying the stanza of a funny rhyme.

The dancer responds as if it were a compliment. These interruptions are made successively as the dance progresses to its end.

Improvised and humorous, Yucatecan pumps have great romantic content, typical of courtship and a lot of humor. Some examples are:

-I would like to be a shoe of your tiny foot, to see from time to time what the shoe sees.

-There are their kinds of bombs: the Russian and the American, but my mother-in-law's at five in the morning is stronger.

-Yesterday when I left mass I saw you very smiling, but between the smile there was a bean on your tooth.

-Mestizo beautiful and gallant from Yucatan, pretty flower, your Merida beauty makes me keep dreaming of your love every morning.

-I would like to be a mosquito to enter your pavilion and tell you slowly: sweetheart.

-At the door of the cenote they killed an owl, your pichi brother-in-law was left without a mustache.

-I would love to be the shoe of your pretty foot, to always see what he sees.

-How beautiful you are when I look at you from the side but you will be more beautiful with the low-cut dress.

Yucatecan troubadours and bombs
In love Yucatan troubadours and singers are part of the customs and traditions.

-In the corner of your house today, Tuesday, I saw you again, I'll be a pretty, beautiful fool if I don't invite you to lunch.

-When I was passing by your house yesterday you threw me a lemon, don't throw me another one that made me a bump.

If you visit Yucatan and drink well water from here you will fall in love and here you will live happily.

-In that little flower mouth that God has given you, there is no lower lip, both are upper.

-Mestizo beautiful and gallant of Yucatan beautiful flower, your meridian beauty makes me live every morning dreaming of your love.

-I would like to be the rope of your firewood my treasure, to have you tied up and tell you that I adore you.

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Types of Yucatecan pumps

Tourist pumps

Designed for foreign and local tourists, it is common to hear them in some places of interest or on some tours.

Pumps in family rooms

They are protagonists in salons and are used to encourage customers and diners, to the rhythm, generally, of tropical music within this classification can be included those that are romantic in content.

Pamphlet bombs

Vehicle of political expression, they are entertaining and offer a reality check. A couple of examples:

  • With their Colgate smiles and bait lines, they declined debate and gave us a whip.
  • The old vices are back, if they have ever gone, buying and selling in the service of a mafia made party.

Yucatecan educational pumps

Its contents are very pedagogical and include historical themes or health prevention.

How are the Yucatecan bombs spread?

Yucatecan pumps and Yucatan traditions
A walk through the streets and markets of Mérida to see the most famous Yucatecan bombs firsthand ...

Although the Yucatecan bombs still persist, their diffusion is not as great as in other times.

In the twentieth century, radio gave it an important massification and, later, the arrival of television and some comedians gave them the accolade they needed to make them more popular.

From that time, some transmissions persist on the internet and on channels like YouTube.

Do you want to remember any of them? 

More than 30 Yucatecan pumps to remember:

-A Yucatecan fell from the top of a church, no bones were broken because he fell headlong.

You say that I am stubborn and your frankness is very great if this is how I have the head, how will I have the heart.

In the corner of your house today Tuesday I saw you again, I will be a beautiful beautiful fool if I do not invite you to eat.

Him: I would like to become the ground that steps on your heels and thus look at what I believe is not even seen in the sky

Her: Are you crazy or are you going so you want to be ground what you want to see silly

he is wearing his mask.

Him: Do you want cute mesticita, that I tell you something?

She: Yes, tell me my love, what do I look like a rose? ...

Him: No, not me, mestizo I intend to tell you that you are beautiful myself I no longer understand myself:

I want to ask you another… ”thing”.

Her: The "little thing" that you think I can't give you; because before you have her with me you have to marry.

Yucatecan pumps
Yucatecan pumps are part of the cultural slang of the Mayan people.

-I invited an old deaf man. To get on a plane. And he said to me - a flirt?

At my age, what for?

-Mare! How beautiful you are when I look at you from the side but you will be more beautiful

with the low-cut dress.

Him: I want to marry you, but what do I support you with? Just eat grass like the mule I have

Her: I can't eat it, because my tooth hurts, if you don't eat it yourself,

let your grandmother eat it

Yesterday I passed by your house and the dogs barked at me, I wanted to grab a stone

and they got muddy ... my fingers

-Bomb, bloomers! Whoever laughs at me is crazy, marijuana,

or he's flat drunk.

-From the sky fell an embroidered handkerchief of a thousand colors and in each color it said:

mestizo of my loves.

-He: The day we got married there was no room for joy; but on the wedding night ...

the well turned out to be very "deep."

Her: If the well is very "deep", it is something you don't care about; what happens, little guy, that you bring the "very short rope."

If you visit Yucatan and drink well water from here you will fall in love and here you will live happily.

Yesterday I passed by your house and the dogs barked at me. I wanted to grab a stone and I smeared my fingers.

What a beautiful watch you have. It must be an expensive brand. That's why your friends say that you never stop.

Yesterday I passed by your house and it stank of a dead dog. I looked out the window and it was your little sister with her pirix open. 

-A little bird flying was introduced into a convent. How happy the nuns with the little bird insideor. 

-When passing through a pantheon. A skull screamed at me, if you're not going to give it to me, even show me.

-If your father is upset and your mother condemns you, they already saw your belly for sleeping in someone else's bed.

At the door of my house there is a cabbage bush where Don Gollo sits playing with his… .. yoyo. 

The hairdresser Pedro Nah, a native of Chuburna, put up a bizarre notice that will amaze everyone. In this hairdresser of a comfort you will enjoy while you peel it Nah.

My X'la mother-in-law crouched in front of a lush papaya and the tree told her how wrinkled you are namesake.

-From the sky fell a handkerchief embroidered with black silk even if your father does not want it,

your mother will be my mother-in-law.

-A cucumber fell from the tree, all full of pins, I'm going to show you filthy 

to respect women.

I would like to become a ground that steps on your heels and thus look at what I believe is not even seen in the sky.

Surely you remember some of the previous Yucatecan bombs.

They cannot be absent in the jaranas and they are part of the culture and traditions and customs of Yucatan.

Fun and original, the bombs they always include a story that will make you smile when you listen to it. Do you dare to share one that you know?

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