Mérida will host the Tourist Tianguis 2020. A great event that brings together buyers and exhibitors from the national and international tourism sector to promote tourism in Mexico.

Living in Mérida is synonymous with culture and tourism. The 2020 tourist tianguis will be based in the capital of Yucatan. From March 22 to 25, will host the most influential people and companies in three important city venues in a great fair that celebrates tourism in Mexico.

According to the organizers, the 2020 tourist tianguis represents a great economic investment for life in Yucatan and Mexico that is estimated at more than 500 million pesos.

The trade fair will feature representatives from all 32 states and up to 600 of the industry's top exhibitors on 5 continents.

In addition to an important exhibition area for all audiences, it is possible to hold business appointments and attend conferences related to tourism. An award ceremony and recognition for tourism work has also been scheduled.

The event, as every year, is completely free to the public and suitable for the family. The main attraction will be the variety of destinations, national, international and Yucatecan products.

The Siglo XXI Convention Center, the International Congress Center and the Great Museum of the Mayan World are the venues in Yucatán this year.

What is the Mexico 2020 tourist tianguis? - Ruta turística
"In Mexico, the number of visitors registered in 2014 to museums, historical monuments and archaeological sites was 21.6 million visitors."

He Tourist Tianguis Mexico It is the most important business fair for the tourism sector that celebrates and promotes national tourism.

Since 1975, exhibitors and buyers of Mexican tourism meet once a year at the business forum that has always been based in the city of Acapulco, but since 2011 it has become itinerant to take place in a different city each year.

Before called Acapulco International Hotel and Tourist Agency Fair, was born in the search to link interests and establish relationships that contribute to the growth and strengthening of the Mexican tourism industry.

We recommend: Mérida, a growing city.

Previous editions

Mérida, Yucatán will host the largest tianguis in the tourist industry in Mexico. For many years Acapulco was the main headquarters; However, since 2020 new venues have been agreed to maintain the country's tourism promotion.

Although every two years they return to the place where they were born: Acapulco, this 2020 the tianguis in Mérida will continue to be one of the main business forums that contribute to the national and international economic spillover that the tourism sector needs in Mexico.

Three venues of the tourist tianguis in Mérida

Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center

The XXI century will house the tourist market in its more than 20 thousand square meters. It is located north of the city, check here how to get. Its location is privileged: close to the airport and the city center.

Tourist Tianguis 2020
"Last year, world tourism movement amounted to 1,135 million tourists that generated an economic spill of 1,245 billion dollars." Source.

Yucatan International Congress Center

It will be the place where the opening ceremony will take place. Located very close to Paseo Montejo, it was opened in 2018 and hosted the 2019 World Peace Summit in Yucatán. One of the most prestigious international event centers

Great Museum of the Mayan World.

Prestigious conferences related to the sector will be held in this cultural venue. The Great Museum of the Mayan World shares land with the XXI Century Convention Center. A few steps are enough to reach the impressive facilities of the Mayan Museum, inspired by the Ceiba tree.

Mérida in the 45th edition of the tourist Tianguis

The choice of Yucatan as the venue for the 2020 tourist tianguis responds to several factors. It is one of the destinations that has grown the most in Mexico and its economic development is remarkable.

Mérida is one of the safest cities in Mexico and has many advantages. It is a favorite destination for nationals and foreigners and its proximity to archaeological ruins and beaches attract thousands of tourists a year.

At the local level it is the most important capital of the Mexican southeast. Its strategic location and infrastructure make it a favorite for many foreigners and internal migrants who have decided to move to this great city.

In terms of tourism, Yucatán has shown great growth with an important projection at the national and international level. Its modern infrastructure suitable for congresses and conventions, such as the Yucatán International Congress Center and the Siglo XXI Convention Center, are a model in the region.

Tourism in Yucatán: a Mexican powerhouse

Living in Mérida is adventure and nature. With exuberant landscapes, the beauty of Yucatan is appreciated at all times. With more than 3,000 cenotes and 5 protected nature reserves, it is an ideal destination for lovers of outdoor activities. In addition, its 340 kilometers of coastline are the best excuse for beach fans.

Culture and history are also great attractions of life in Yucatan. There are 17 archaeological sites and it has magical towns, such as Valladolid and Izamal.

Living in Merida are colors, sounds, aromas. Its architectural heritage is one of the most important in Mexico. In addition, this capital has the second largest Historic Center in the country.

Izamak-living in Yucatán
Photo by Tanja Cotoaga on Unsplash
Izamal, magical town of Yucatan.

Regarding accommodation, there are more than 8 thousand rooms, first class hotels and prestigious hotel chains. Haciendas, boutique hotels and hostels. There are options for all kinds of budgets.

Land and air connectivity is guaranteed. The Mérida International Airport or the modern roads allow you to move smoothly to different parts of the world and the country.

Likewise, Yucatecan cuisine is internationally recognized. Its combination of ingredients is remarkable. Achiote, coriander, lime, chili, purple onion, sour orange and habanero pepper are some examples.

What is expected of the tourist tianguis in Yucatan?

In 2019 the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco, declared an achievement for 424 million pesos at the 2019 Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco.

The forum closed with a record number of 47,378 citations, concluding with an increase of 6%.

In comparison, according to the Diario de Yucatán the president of the Association of Tourism Promotion Agencies (Aaprotuy) Luis Herrera Albertos, affirmed that the Tianguis Turístico 2020 is being prepared with more than 40 business suites and exhibition booth space.

Likewise, he shared the confirmation of 1,400 registered national and foreign buyers; 3,600 exhibitors and throughout the 21st century there would be about 49,000 business sites.

Ready to attend the 2020 tourist tianguis? We will wait for you!

Learn about the program to attend the Tianguis Turístico México 2020.

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