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receta de cochinita pibil vidaenyucatan.com

The what, how and where of the cochinita pibil

Pibil is a Mayan word, which means buried or cooked underground, it describes a very popular dish of Yucatecan food: know ...
temperatura en Mérida Yucatán

Temperature in Mérida Yucatán throughout the year

Tropical and pleasant, the temperature in Merida Yucatan attracts many who want to get away from the cold weather throughout the year.
que servicios de salud se proporcionan en Mérida

Hospitals and health services in Mérida

Brief directory of hospitals in Mérida | Health services include private and public hospitals; both build quality of life ...
La mejor colonia para comprar casa en Mérida

The best neighborhood to buy a house in Merida. Top 8 for you to decide ...

Buying a house is an idea in your head, but have you considered falling in love with your next investment?

Listen to your house and find your ideal tenant

Renting a home is not something to be taken lightly. To take care of it, you must listen carefully to what it has to ...
nivel educativo en Mérida

Why is the educational level in Mérida better than in other cities?

The educational level in Mérida is outstanding. In recent years, several private establishments of high educational quality have been opened, expanding ...
Calidad de vida en Mérida

Behind the smiles ... Do you want to know why the quality of life is high ...

The high quality of life in Mérida is in the first places, according to the UN. It is true? He...
Problemas en la playa - vidaenyucatan.com

10 Problems of living on the beach ... we tell you how to face them

We help you be ready to live on the beach with these tips Living on the beach brings ...
Protege tu casa del calor en Mérida -vidaenyucatan.com

4 tips to protect your home from the heat in Merida

Are you dying of heat in Mérida? Summer temperatures in Mérida can exceed 40 degrees ...
A donde ir en fin de semana vidaenyucatan.com

5 Houses to remember the old Merida

Some of the old mansions of Mérida dusted themselves off from oblivion to tell us their history and the nostalgia for an architecture that ...