Are you dying of heat in Merida?

Summer temperatures in Merida can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius during the hottest parts of the day, which could be a real challenge for some people.

It is possible that one of the greatest challenges of living in Merida is to protect from the heat not only ourselves, but our houses and other belongings.

The high temperatures that distinguish the White City do not have to represent a headache When it comes to taking care of your home, since there are several strategies you can take to navigate the summer without your home suffering the consequences.

Invest in insulation services for ceilings and walls

Just as any human requires a good sunscreen to protect their skin, a house will require special coverage to insulate the heat and the sun's rays.

This can be done using special paints that act as thermal insulators that help keep temperatures as friendly as possible to the inhabitants of a house.

Did you know that covering walls and ceilings with insulating paint can help reduce the temperature in a home by up to 30%? In addition, you will also help reduce energy consumption and protect your house from cracks in the walls.

Plants are more than a decorative item: they help protect your home from the heat

They say that plants are life, and it is important to note that its benefits go beyond being a decorative item.

calor en Mérida
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

By placing plants in your home, you will not only be filling the space in which you spend most of your day with oxygen, but, depending on the type of plant, they will be able to absorb heat while purifying the air you breathe.

Blinds and curtains: what characteristics should they have?

When you move to Mérida, you will discover that it is essential to invest in good blinds or curtains, as their quality will make all the difference when summer arrives.

Make sure that the colors of the blinds are warm, as this will prevent sunlight from entering; the quality of the blinds could help to reduce the temperature inside the house by up to 70%.

Open doors and window during mornings and nights

Although Mérida is a city where high temperatures are usually experienced, one of the advantages that the climate of this city represents for the inhabitants is that the heat does not last all day.

It is true, Between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm the temperatures tend to rise to a great extent, but any Yucatecan will tell you that during the afternoon you will start to feel “cool”That is, the heat will decrease to give way to a more pleasant temperature.

For this reason, we recommend you take advantage of the hours when the heat is not so overwhelming to open doors and windows; This way, your home will cool off and be prepared to protect you from the heat for the rest of the day.

Awnings: more than decoration

If your house does not have a covered facade, it may be time to invest in an awning. In addition to being a decorative item for your home, it will protect your home from the sun's rays and help you not to suffer directly from high temperatures during most of the day.

A good awning will avoid direct sun exposure will also help to preserve the structure of your home, car and other decorative items found inside your home.

Do you know any other advice to protect your house from high temperatures? We are sure that these tips will help you put in place a plan so that comfort and safety reign in your house, saying goodbye to the heat!

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