The educational level in Mérida is outstanding. In recent years, several private establishments of high educational quality have been opened, expanding the offer at the primary and high school levels.

Education in Mérida is of high quality. It offers several alternatives and there are schools that propose different pedagogical currents. There are mixed, bilingual, secular and religious schools. Both public and private education are among the best in the country.

If the educational level of this city is compared with other capitals such as Monterrey, Mexico City or Guadalajara, the differences are many.

Why does the educational level in Mérida stand out?


One of the big differences between private establishments in Merida and in other cities such as CDMX, Guadalajara and Monterrey is the costs. In private establishments, registration and tuition costs are much lower, representing up to 50 percent less, if compared with institutions located in those other capitals of the country. Therefore, moving to Mérida is an investment with multiple benefits that can significantly reduce tuition costs.


Life in Merida is very quiet. It is not a very big city and almost everything is within walking distance. Without a doubt, that is a big difference when compared to Guadalajara, Monterrey and CDMX. In Merida, distances are not a problem and traffic is not a problem. Thus, you can live in the south of the city and take your children to school north of the capital in just 15 minutes.

Pedagogical diversity

Education in Merida it is characterized by its pedagogical diversity. From Montessori schools to more innovative proposals such as Waldorf schools or with the focus of the municipal schools of Reggio Emilia, there are options for all tastes.

nivel educativo en Mérida
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Personalized education. In public and private education the groups of students are not very large. This facilitates the learning process of children by offering a higher quality and personalized education.

Advantages of moving to Mérida: quality of life assured

The high educational level in Mérida must be added to its quality of life, which is one of the best in the country. The city has been recognized by international organizations and prestigious magazines, placing it in the first places, displacing important European capitals.

Life in Mérida, as a city in full demographic and economic growth, also stands out for its tranquility and security.

In addition there are numerous real estate, commercial, corporate and tourism projects that are under development, generating numerous jobs and investments.

Mérida is also an important cultural capital with events throughout the year and its proximity to beaches and natural landscapes is a real advantage.

6 Schools to know in Mérida

  • Athenaeum of Mérida

To the north of the city, Ateneo de Mérida is a secular, bilingual and mixed school. Offers education at all levels.

  • Ágora Educational Community

This collaborative education proposal is based on the model of the municipal schools of Reggio Emilia, in Italy. A novel project, whose school establishment is located in the north of the city.

  • Anglo from Yucatan

With offices in different cities of the country, Anglo de Yucatán is one of the most prestigious schools in Mérida.

  • Modern American Institute

With a mixed and bilingual educational project, the Modern American Institute has educational programs for children from kindergarten to high school and has a school for parents.

  • The Workshop

Far from the traditional educational model, The Workshop its axis is an educational offer that is based on technology and art. It covers levels from maternal to secondary.

  • Lebanese Peninsular College

Secular, bilingual and mixed, the Libanés Peninsular school offers a wide sports and educational offer from preschool to high school.

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