Buying a house is an idea in your head, but have you considered falling in love with your next investment?

We share the 8 best colonies for you to decide with your heart.

Do you want to know which is the best neighborhood to buy a house in Merida? From the typical traditional Mexican neighborhoods to modern private complexes with different amenities, the neighborhoods in Mérida adapt to any type of taste.

Whether in the Center or north of the city, choosing the best neighborhood to buy a house in Merida depends on several aspects such as:

  • Security
  • Services
  • Location

Those characteristics are also important when buying a house in Merida or deciding to rent a property. Next, we tell you which is the best place to invest and start your life in Merida. Take note!

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The best neighborhood to find a house in Merida: options to move now


This is one of the most known and visited colonies of Merida by locals and foreigners. It encompasses the Historic Center and houses important historical buildings such as the Cathedral of San Idelfonso, the Governor's Palace, the Montejo House, the Plaza Grande, the City Hall and different cultural centers.

Life in Merida in this neighborhood is quite dynamic. There are cafes, restaurants and has good services, in addition to being very well connected.

St. Lucia

Neighboring the Historic Center, Santa Lucía is another of the Mérida neighborhoods ideal for renting or buying a property. Famous for the musical events and colorful dances that take place in its main park, it is a neighborhood very visited by tourists and has shops, restaurants and beautiful old houses, many of them have been modernly restored. Without a doubt, it is a great choice if you decide to buy a house in Merida.


Traditional and historical, Santiago is one of the oldest colonies in Mérida. It is located to the west and north of Plaza Grande. It retains the Mexican spirit of small shops and has a very popular market. Home to many foreigners is another good alternative if you are wondering which is the best neighborhood to find a house in Merida.

Saint Ana

Another option to buy a house in Merida is the Santa Ana neighborhood. Famous and busy, it is the bohemian center of the city. You'll find art galleries, cultural centers, and it's home to old mansions, shops, restaurants, and museums.


It is located on the opposite side of the city, east of the Center. Mejorada is another of the colonias in Mérida that has numerous and beautiful mansions. Today it is home to museums, schools, restaurants and parks.

North of the city

San Esteban, San Miguel, Brisas, Jardines de Mérida, Los Pinos, Los Arcos and Polígono 108. To the north of the city, these neighborhoods in Mérida stand out for their great commercial growth with different malls, hospitals, private schools and modern developments with amenites. There are subdivisions and developments for all kinds of budgets, especially if you are looking for a plus type home.


At present it is one of the best priced areas of Mérida. There are many private universities and its location is very good since it is close to hospitals and shopping centers. These characteristics make the area have great potential. In Cholul you can find houses of different sizes and prices.

La Ceiba and Xcanatun

To the north of the peripheral, private developments such as La Ceiba and Xcanatun are located. Known for their exclusive golf courses and facilities, they are undoubtedly a good place to start your life in Merida. Both are characterized by their security and green spaces. However, they are the most expensive areas to buy a house in Merida, really, they are a real investment.

You already know which are the neighborhoods and the best places to invest in Merida, what are you waiting for to move to one of them?