If this year you plan to buy a house in Mérida or in hot climates, it is important that you take into account some key points when moving. An example is the location of the house and its relationship to the movement of the sun. Another piece of information is to know what type of ventilation you use, whether or not there is protection on the windows and whether it includes air conditioning equipment.

You want to know more? Next, know these tips to live in Mérida and make your home feel 100 percent comfortable.

How to buy a house in Merida?

  • Location of the house. When moving to Mérida, Yucatán, and choosing a home, pay close attention to the location of the house and its relationship to the movement of the sun. That look is an important factor in keeping your interior cool. Ideally, the spaces you want to be cooler should be towards the north and avoid the south, which is where the sun hits the most.
  • Pwindow protection. Another piece of information to assess is the type of protection that the windows have. In terms of cooling, internal blinds and curtains are not very effective. Instead, external solutions such as awnings and lattices are better as they prevent heat from being transferred indoors.
  • Air flow. If you are going to buy a home, take into account the architectural design of the house and pay attention to the air flow that you can take advantage of, such as horizontal cross ventilation.
comprar una casa en Mérida
"The sky is the window to the world" Gastón Bachelard

The cross ventilation tries to take advantage of the prevailing winds and that these cross from one side of the house to the other, cooling it. For this it is necessary that the spaces have windows on both sides so that the flow is continuous.

  • Ttypes of materials and insulation. Choose a property, to live in Merida, that has been built with heavy and thick materials, such as a concrete slab as it will keep the construction very fresh. 

And what characteristics should the roof have?

It must be insulated and made of a lightweight material or it may be painted. The more reflective the material, the more it will keep the interior cool. For example, using partitions over a deck will help lower temperatures rather than raise them, as in buildings with an exposed wood deck.

  • Open spaces connected to the outside. In hot climates, a wise choice is to buy a house that has a garden and open spaces connected to that area. If they are well shaded and designed they can be the coolest place on the property.
  • Vegetation. Nature is also a good insulator. A well-shaded ground line on the outside can keep the interior space cooler. Did you know that deciduous plants can be very effective natural sun shades?
  • Efficient reverse cycle refrigeration equipment. To conclude, if you plan to move to Mérida, Yucatán, make sure that the home you choose has air conditioning. The most efficient and best performing option is one that uses reverse cycle technology as it speeds up and slows down the outdoor unit motor to provide the correct amount of power.

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