With these tips, buying a house on the beach has never been so easy!

Thinking of buying a beach house? Near Mérida, there are several towns facing the sea so you can live on the beach. From almost virgin places to idyllic fishing villages.

An advice: Before starting your search, make sure you have an understanding of your budget and needs, as well as financial and climate risks that exist in the area.

It is also important that you hire a real estate agent who has extensive experience buying and selling properties in coastal areas. But these are not the only tips.

If you are already starting to visit homes, to live on the beach, what aspects are important when buying a home?

6 recommendations for buying a house in coastal areas

1. Construction and foundation.

In general, houses in coastal areas can be threatened by hurricanes or storms. Therefore, the construction must be as strong as possible. Otherwise, you are in danger. If the area has a high risk of flooding and / or a great potential for hurricanes, you should consider purchasing a home built on stilts.

In addition, the materials must also be resistant to wind and flooding, as well as strong enough to withstand heavy rains and high temperatures.

comprar una casa en la playa
"The sea is sweet and beautiful, but it can be cruel" -Ernerst Hemingway

The best building materials for coastal homes generally include concrete and natural wood. Concrete is the most durable building material for beach houses. Withstands high winds and heavy rains much better than most wood-frame homes.

2. Property management

If the beach house is not your main home, you may need some type of property management service to take care of the house while you are away. This means someone is in charge of coordinating all pest control, landscaping, maintenance needs, and leasing services.

3. Roof

When buying a beach house, do not forget to check what type of roof it has, because due to the weather it will surely suffer more wear and tear than an average home. Instead, look for a beach house with a tile or metal roof. These types of materials are highly resistant to wind.

4. Proximity to water

For many, proximity to the water is one of the most important characteristics when buying a beach house. Of course, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of living by the sea.

For example, While living near water is certainly convenient and good for resale value, it will also surely increase flood risks.. However, if the home is built with top-notch construction materials, and you can afford the possible repairs or maintenance, then living near water may be the best investment.

5. Strong windows and anticyclonic curtains

Choosing a home with sturdy windows and anticyclonic curtains will protect your home from damage caused by hurricanes and severe storms. If you choose to buy a beach house without these types of windows or curtains, we recommend that you install them shortly after you move in.

6. Outdoor spaces

Chances are that one of the reasons you buy a beach house is to enjoy the outdoors and its scenery. So be sure to evaluate the exterior spaces of the home. Do you have a patio or porch? How about an oceanfront view? Does the house have a pool or garden? Do you have balconies? All of those features can help tell you to buy a property, so keep them in mind!

Go ahead and move near Mérida and enjoy its fabulous beaches!

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