Do you need information about foreign removals? Know what they are and what the key points are if you are going to move from city to city.

If you are considering moving and don't know how get foreign removalsThe first thing you have to do is a move plan that includes those things that you plan to take to your new home. 

It is very likely that in your new house you will not use everything you have in your old home. So always remember: less is more!

Then it only carries what is essential. That is the best way if you are looking for ideas for foreign economic removals since it will considerably reduce the volume of your move and therefore your budget.

How to make an inventory? 

If you have already decided what furniture, objects and things you are going to include in your foreign move. Classify objects and furniture by sectors and record all that information on a worksheet.

For example: bedroom furniture: two King beds, two King mattresses, and so on with everything you are going to carry.

It may be somewhat tedious to take inventory. However, it is extremely necessary to know what you are moving.

further foreign moving companies often request this information from their clients for make a service quote make it much more accurate.

Give, donate or sell

Do you already have your inventory for the foreign move? Did you still have many at home that you don't plan to take?

It is time to let go and see what you do with all that is left over. You can give away part of the things. There is always someone who will be grateful to you. 

Another option is to donate. There are many organizations and associations that need furniture or clothes and they usually subsist only thanks to donations made by people.

If you know of any organization, let out your caring side!

There is also always the option to sell what you no longer use. The used things are welcome for people who are just starting to equip their home and do not have a big budget.

There are forums and internet sites where you can put up for sale everything you no longer use.

How to choose a foreign moving company?

Many people choose the foreign moving company on recommendation. If this is not your case, an alternative is to check online which are the companies that are better ranked in your city.

At the time of choose foreign moving companies It is recommended that you pay attention to these points: 

  • Type of service offered
  • Delivery time and method
  • cost

Also, when hiring a company, ask yourself these questions:

When you compare quotes, make sure check what services are and what is not included to avoid additional charges. So ask:

  • What is the method of transportation and shipping?
  • Do your personal items move in their own container or Are they transported with other people's belongings?
  • In case of moving abroad, have charges for handling terminals and ports been included?
  • Is packing / unpacking included?
  • Have you considered accessibility? Should we go up or down stairs? 
  • Is customs clearance included?
  • What term is offered?

Type of service for removals

Foreign moving companies offer different types of services.

The most frequent consists of packing things and furniture In your home, load them on the truckn, transport them to destination, and once in the new direction unpack each of the objects and place them in the area where they will go.

This service is the most complete. In general, it is usually a little expensive but it is the most comfortable and practical if you do not have time and want to make sure that everything arrives in perfect condition.

It should be noted that if you are going to move things of great value, some companies offer insurance for the merchandise to be transported. 

Another service is that of shared foreign removals.

This alternative is a great option when you don't have a big budget, and you don't have as much urgency to receive your things. 

Shared foreign removals They are used a lot when you move from one country to another and you need to move some things, not many.

For that, either a container or truck is shared to make the transfer. It is a safe service, a little slower and less expensive. You can save up to 40 percent. 

Delivery time and method 

Delivery times and method depend on service that you have contracted and the distance that exists between the city of origin and that of destination.

For example, the foreign moves between CdMx and Guadalajara are not the same as the moves between Canada and Merida or California and the Riviera Maya.

While the first, perhaps, takes place in two days. The others can take at least 4 days. 

The most frequent services between cities can be considered as cheaper foreign removals.

Some more common destinations include: CdMx and the rest of the country such as Querétaro, Guadalajara Cancún, Cuernavaca, Sonora, León, Monterrey and Los Cabos.

If you do not plan to move to any of those cities, quiet, usually within Mexico, all areas are covered.

However, If it is not a very commercial route, you may have to think about an additional cost. 

Costs: Land, air or sea?

The costs of foreign removals vary according to transportation. For example, if you live in Mexico City and move to Nuevo León, you may think that the cheapest way to move is by hiring a land service.

Although it may be an option, perhaps it is not the cheapest. Claro remembers that everything depends on the volume to transport. 

If your move consists of several pieces of furniture and boxes, it is better to hire a ground service. In three days you can receive the move in your home and its cost will have an approximate value of 40 thousand pesos. 

If instead, you only carry a few suitcases and a couple of boxes you can send things by air and the service will arrive at your home. in two days, with an approximate value of 25 thousand pesos, depending on the weight.

desventajas de vivir en Mérida
Yucatan has a geographical position that allows maritime shipments from its ports.

By sea, shipping can be a little more expensive, up to 20 percent more. That is a good alternative if you live near a port or the move is international. Well, these companies are in charge of all customs procedures. So it is a real comfort.

The minimum priors by sea are around 120 thousand pesos. 

Once at destination ...

Your things are already on the way. Once at the destination, depending on the service you have contracted, trained personnel will be in charge of leaving your belongings at your home.

It is very important that during this instance Have your inventory on hand and can check that all objects are found. 

You should also check, when you unpack, that all the products are in perfect condition and in their case working.

You can take photos of those who are broken or abused. That way it is much easier for the insurance to cover the damage or for the company to take care of the claim. 

4 Tips for foreign removals 

1. If you are transporting valuables such as artwork or jewelry, it is best not to send it on the move.

If there is no option, take photos of the objects and secure each of the pieces. That way, it's easier for carriers to take responsibility for loss or damage.

2. Four eyes see more than two. On the day of the move, go into Zen mode and ask a friend or family member to help you supervise the move.

Two people, perhaps, are enough. You save yourself work and everything will be much easier. 

3. When unloading the move, it indicates to the person where things should go. This service is usually included in the move.

Without a doubt, it is the best alternative to reduce time and make sure everything is located where it belongs. 

4. Already in the new home, for sure, you want everything to be in its place. Relax! Until things are in the intended room, don't remove the wrappers from the furniture. That way, you prevent them from being mistreated. 

And if you are moving with plants: 

If you are one of those who have spent months, possibly years, cultivating a beautiful garden and you must move, do not grieve.

Your plants can move in with you. With careful planning, you can take them to your new home.  

Plants are temperamental even under the best of circumstances, and sudden changes in light, temperature, or other conditions can be difficult for them. Pay attention !:

Season factor

It is not a good idea to move plants in midsummer, when temperatures are high, the air is dry, and the sun is strong.

Exposed roots are especially vulnerable. While it is possible, you will have to take extra precautions.

Hydrate plants before uprooting

A dry plant has a major disadvantage when it comes to resisting the stress of a movement. The night before you plan to dig up your plants, give them a deep soak that allows water to penetrate the soil and roots.

You don't want to drown them, but you do need to water them a lot so that plants have water to hold on to during the uprooting process. 

Prune your plants

To help your plants conserve energy during movement, make sure they are as healthy as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is to trim all dead stems and leaves so that the plant doesn't waste valuable energy on parts it doesn't need. 

Uproot carefully

The uprooting stage will be the first important stressor for your plant in the process of moving.

To ease the transition, water your plants again before digging them up, even though they must still be wet from deep soaking the night before.

Remove the plant from the ground, keeping as much soil attached to the roots. Immediately after, place it in a pot of soil (and water it again) or wrap the base of the plant (roots and soil) in a wet burlap sack.

Replant as quickly as possible

Try to take your plants with you in your car if possible. If they have to go in the truck, make sure they are packed at the end so you can get them out immediately upon arrival.

Foreign moving companies in Mexico:

Polanco Removals

Flowers and moving within CdMx and to the entire Republic. Continuous departures. Special and urgent services. 

Address: Av. Azcapotzalco, Jerusalem corner s / n

Delegation: Azcapotzalco.

Mexico City


Web page:

Imoveit removals

Removals to all cities in Mexico. Cargo insurance. Free packing material. Blasting and risky maneuvers at no cost. 

Address: Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho 166, Office 201, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec

Miguel Hidalgo Delegation.

Mexico City


Web page:

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