Living in Mérida, Yucatán and adapting to the heat is not easy if you are not used to extremely hot climates. During the summer months the thermometer can reach more than 40º C.

Sweating, dehydration or changing some routines is common if you live in an extremely hot city like Mérida.

Therefore, know these 6 key tips to adapt to the heat of the city and stop being the hassle of all your days ...

Keys to combat the heat of Mérida

1. Wear loose clothing, in light colors

Since your body is used to a certain temperature, it will take time to adjust to living in a hot climate. - casa en la playa
Adapting to the heat of living on the beach ...

In fact, the body, in an attempt to cool down, You'll make up for that difference by increasing sweat production.

But don't despair: once the body adjusts to the heat, its sweat production will decrease.

Until then, if sweat bothers you, do what you can to stay cool. One solution is wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and lightweight threads such as cotton and linen.

2. Use efficient refrigeration equipment

An essential key to beating the heat in Los Angeles and to making your home or workplace feel comfortable and chilled is investing in proper refrigeration equipment.

Choose a product that is energy efficient so that it consumes less energy.

That way, you lower operating costs, get better performance, and reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Play sports in the morning or at night and stay hydrated

Living in Merida has many advantages. It is a city with several parks and sites for outdoor sports.

To enjoy your routine, do physical activity early in the morning or at night, which is when the day is cooler.

And remember: always stay hydrated.

4. Cover the car windshield

To avoid feeling like your car is turning into an oven, cover its windshield.

You can also protect the steering wheel with a light-colored, heat-resistant fabric cover.

Don't forget: if you have children or pets, you should never leave them in a closed car, not even for a few minutes.

5. Walk your pet when it's not hot

To combat the effect of hot weather on your pets, you may also need to change their routines.

It is very important that you take into account the following:

The street floor in hot cities, during the day, is always at a temperature high enough to burn your puppy's pads.

Plan your walks to take in the morning or at night and make sure fresh water is always available.

6. Use sunscreen

Finally, if you are going to move to Mérida, Yucatán, never stop using sunscreen. Although you need the sun to provide you with your daily dose of vitamin D, that does not imply that you should put your health at risk.

Apply sunscreen on your body daily, especially in those parts that are exposed to the sun, thus reducing the risks of skin cancer.

Use factor 15 or higher and wear hats, in addition to sunglasses.

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