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Tips and beautiful locations for an unforgettable beach wedding

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Weddings on the beach to exchange vows in the open air and the waves of the sea ... Plan your wedding by the sea with these tips and know the best places for a dream event. 

Beach or destination weddings are a trend. Until a few decades ago they were only considered by people with great purchasing power. However, they are currently more popular. They can even be much cheaper, when compared to a traditional wedding. 

Mexico is a dream destination for beach weddings and has great benefits. One of them is its great accessibility. There are airports in almost all coastal cities. In addition, all destinations offer people trained to carry out this type of event. But it is not the only thing. The weather and the tourist attractions are incredible.

Are Mexicans still getting married? 

Although weddings have declined among Mexicans, many continue to choose this type of traditional union. In addition, many foreigners choose the beautiful beaches of Mexico to get married. 

Huatulco, Cancun or Tulum are favorites. In that sense, in many coastal cities, personalized packages are offered to celebrate weddings on the beach, with everything included. 

According to INEGI, February and December are the most frequent months to celebrate a link. The prices for this type of celebration are approximate, since they depend on many variables. But for the most part they are affordable. There are menu options, for example, from 350 per person. 

On the other hand, some hotels and resorts offer all-inclusive plans with accommodation for the guests. The rate is quoted according to the type of accommodation, service and location of the hotel, and number of guests.

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 How do beach weddings work? 4 basic planning questions

Whether you're getting married in the Yucatan or the Riviera Maya, beach weddings require some planning. From the type of clothing or shoes to the characteristics of the place, follow these tips and save yourself stress and a lot of time.

1. Public or private beach?

Since most of the beaches are public property, anyone can get married on the sand. If you want privacy and seclusion, look for private property or ask a resort to reserve an area of the beach for your event.

2. Do you need special permits?

Not all public beaches require a permit for a wedding. However, some have rules about the number of guests, alcoholic beverages, fire pits, and music times. If you need a permit, consider fees, the approval process, and other important factors.

 3.What will you do in case of bad weather?

Many beach weddings take place in warm climates. However some guests may feel uncomfortable in the sweltering heat. Consider scheduling your ceremony for the morning or late afternoon to avoid hotter weather.

Also, make sure the ceremony site has enough shade, especially if a lot of children or older people will be attending. Also, before booking, try to avoid the rainy season months.   

4. Is it accessible to guests?

The 600-meter walk to the altar by the ocean may seem like a dream, but can everyone do that walk? When choosing a site, consider all guests. Also make sure that rentals, such as chairs and tables, can be easily delivered to the site.

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Keys to a successful beach wedding 

Flowers? Will they endure such hot weather?

Due to the heat and humidity of tropical climates, some flowers will not survive for more than three hours. But do not worry. There are beach wedding flowers that withstand the most extreme climates without wilting. Some examples are chrysanthemums, calla lilies or orchids. You can also put aside the flowers and decorate with fresh fruit, seashells, or other items.

Select a complementary decoration

But beware: the sea breeze can ruin that type of decoration. Choose decorative elements that resist unexpected gusts and avoid anything that is light or fragile. 

Think about where the food will be stored

Nobody wants to eat cheese that has been exposed in the heat for an hour. If the menu consists of a buffet, choose foods that can withstand high temperatures and avoid any food that melts or spoils easily. The same advice applies to the cake and the drink.

Prepare your guests

Make sure your guests know that the wedding will be in the sand. So that they can dress appropriately and be comfortable. It is not the same to put together a look of clothing for a beach wedding than for a city hall. Remember to communicate the dress code on your wedding invitation or website.


Inform your guests that beach wedding apparel isn't just about a lightweight dress. Well, it is not bad to also suggest a sweater, shawl or a pashmina. At night the weather can drop a few digits and it can feel very cold. 

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Alternatively, if it's a noon ceremony, provide cold drinks and paper fans to make guests feel more comfortable.

Dress code

Beach weddings are not the best place for a formal ball gown. Instead, you can get beach wedding dresses made from light fabrics, like sheer silks and chiffons, that have a nice, flowing movement and look very elegant.

Beach wedding shoes? Some couples offer a shoe service where guests can exchange their shoes for casual flip-flops. If you don't feel comfortable in sandals or heels, why not go barefoot? 

And of course, don't forget your sunglasses. Sunny days at the beach can be dazzling, so try not to let your guests forget their sunglasses.

Hairstyle for beach weddings

Loose hair can suit your free-spirited style, but if a strong breeze is blowing, you could be fighting strands on your face. Instead, choose a wedding hairstyle that has at least the front of your hair out of your face. Simple arrangements, on loose hair, are also an excellent option.

Heat Resistant Makeup

Make-up leave it to the professionals. Hire a makeup artists. Use waterproof products. Well, the high temperatures will make you sweat more than necessary. Take all the time you need to achieve your desired look. Perform different tests throughout the day, so you get a better result. 

Other tips for your wedding

  • Consider hiring a wedding planner. Invest in a wedding plannig is a guarantee. Their experience and connections with providers will save you tons of time and money.
  • Photos, video and music: Also invest in a good photographer and do not leave the subject of music to chance. Suddenly the music sets the rhythm of the party so hire a good DJ.
  • Always have a backup plan. Rain is common in tropical places. Sometimes the wind can ruin an event and make it unbearable. Either way, Mother Nature is unpredictable, so it's best to always have an option B in the face of bad weather. Think of a tent or indoor shelter, if only for your peace of mind.
  • Organize tourist activities for your guests. From a cocktail before the festivities to a tour of a tourist place, your guests will thank you. In Mexico and Yucatán you can choose numerous activities to complement that special event. 

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The best places for weddings on the beach in Yucatan 


Less than 40 kilometers from Mérida, Progreso combines modernity with nature. Beaches, cenotes, ecological reserves and spectacular landscapes are the perfect setting for a wedding. There are several hotels and salons that are in charge of planning the entire event. Menu prices are around 300 pesos per person. Its hot and tropical temperature guarantees a good climate all year round.

Telchac Puerto

Close to Progreso, Telchac Puerto is a very intimate and quiet beach. Just 6 kilometers away are the archaeological ruins of Xcambó, which are a great setting for taking photos as a couple. Banquets are affordable from 250 pesos per person. An event can be organized at any time of the year. 


On the way to Campeche, almost on the border, Celestún is located. Home of flamingos and of great biodiversity, you can find several places to organize a wedding. The cost of the menu is cheap: from $250 pesos per person. From November to April you will be able to see the hundreds of flamingos that inhabit the area. 

Other beach destinations to get married in Mexico 

Huatulco, Oaxaca

With more than a dozen beaches and wonderful bays, Huatulco is the ideal place if you are looking for an intimate and natural beach wedding.  The best time to schedule your wedding is from May. The average price of the menu per person ranges from 350 to 1300 pesos.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

The calm waters of Ixtapa are the best in Guerrero. This little fishing village is surrounded by biodiversity. April to May or December to January are good dates to plan a beach wedding. You can get a menu from 320 pesos per person or wedding packages.

Cozumel, Quintana Roo

Surrounded by crystal clear waters, this island is a paradise. Months like February or April are good dates to visit it. The banquets per person can be found from $200 pesos. 

Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo

Another Mexican island full of charm. Small and cozy it is a great place to have a wedding. In spring it is a beauty. There are several hotels and lounges and banquets are available from 250 pesos per person. 

Holbox, Quintana Roo

This destination has not yet received the great massive impact of tourism. Very good place for a casual wedding. You can plan your wedding in April or September, which is when there is the best weather. The menus are between 500 and 800 pesos. 

Tulum, Quintana Roo

Famous for weddings on the beach and surrounded by cenotes and lagoons, Tulum offers first class infrastructure. October and December are excellent months for a wedding. The average menu for one person is around 400 pesos and you can find all-inclusive wedding packages.

Finally, if you are ready to say yes and you liked some of these destinations to have your wedding on the beach, do not forget that in the state of Yucatan, if the beach is publicly accessible, you must request authorization from the city hall. In case you want to take photos in archaeological ruins, you have to request the corresponding permit at the INAH. Now yes, enjoy planning the memorable day.

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