For those of us who live in Mérida, we know the gastronomic variety that the state of Yucatán offers us, in addition to delicious traditional dishes, today we can find a wide range of restaurants that offer us to live a formidable experience, this and more is what you can find in your new Life in Yucatan today I will tell you about the restaurant Hanaichi delicious for the freshness and quality of the raw fish, as well as the variety of dishes on the menu.

Sushi-Ramén y Nigiris- Hanaichi Mérida Restaurant- Life in Yucatán

Enjoy the afternoon and night in Mérida

The atmosphere is very pleasant, it is quiet and relaxing, they have a terrace that will make you enjoy the night weather and the sunsets that Mérida offers you, enjoy this beautiful view accompanied by one of the traditional drinks of Japan such as sake or also with a Very cold Sapporo beer to cool off from the intense heat of our state.

Comfortable and reserved spaces

Inside the restaurant you can enjoy the company of your partner, family or friends in a very nice, reserved and comfortable environment.

Hanaichi Mérida Restaurant- Life in Yucatán

Its menu is very varied, since it has a wide range of entrees, sashimis, nigiris, rolls, tempura and ramen. All this with a quality of freshness and extraordinary flavor, in addition the wide selection of drinks allows you to enjoy a rich and delicious beer or a variety of sakes that you can enjoy hot or cold. I recommend the house sake, it is a bit fruity and is very pleasant as an aperitif or if you prefer to accompany food.

How much will I pay for a Japanese meal in Merida?

The value for money is very fair and you will not regret the good taste in your mouth. We had the opportunity to visit them, we love Japanese food and ramen, so I could not miss this dish to try and the truth was a delicious experience, the presentation of the ramen is attractive at first glance, a very well served dish with a quality Great ingredients and a delicious flavor, it has all the flavors and textures you expect from a dish like this, we highly recommend them, the dish is called Shoyu Ramen.

Shoyu Ramen Restaurant Hanaichi - Life in Yucatan

How to get?

The restaurant is located on Andrés García Lavín Avenue in the Sky City square on Level 8. They have all the sanitary measures so that you do not have any problems and enjoy a delicious meal.

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