For many years, the Lucas de Galvez Market has been a fertile place for buying and selling fresh and natural products, cared for by the same hands that offer them ...

The secrets of this ancient building is one of the most emblematic within the history of commerce in the state.

In its enclosures are the best examples of the culture, tradition, customs, art and gastronomy of Yucatan.

There are a large number of markets in Merida where both tourists and locals can stock up on the products they need to eat, decorate their homes, buy clothing, crafts, and entertainment items.

The Lucas de Gálvez Market is part of the history of Yucatan and it is a protagonist in the purchase and sale of all kinds of products, proudly Yucatecan.

Ladies selling food in Yucatan
The true flavor of Yucatan is found in the hands of its producers.

It is a market that began operating on September 16, 1887, although at the time it was simply known as "Mercado Gálvez" in honor of Governor Lucas de Gálvez.

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The market, located in the historic center of the city of Mérida at 65A street , has seen its demolition on three occasions in which it has tried to expand the dimensions of the place and make it a more spacious place to receive the thousands of visitors who gather in the corridors every day.

The first restoration of the building took place in 1909, when a tin roof and masonry were installed, which in turn benefited merchants who had their stalls on the market.

Years later, in 1948, the market underwent a renovation to expand the site and, once again, adapt it to the needs that the owners of the premises indicated at that time.

An intimate place for the hearts of thousands of Meridans, at the Lucas de Gálvez Market you will find almost any item you need.

For the tourists It is the ideal place to learn more about the culture and traditions of the Yucatan.

Yucatan food
The art of Yucatecan cuisine.

In the market aisles they have the option to see up close the variety of fruits and vegetables grown in the region, compare prices and ask the owners all the questions that arise.

On the other hand, it is a tourist attraction to get up close to the colors, accent, clothing, sounds and distinctive flavors of the state and its inhabitants.

It is an adventure that begins with access to the market and ends with a transformation in the thinking of those who managed to capture a piece of the Yucatecan essence through contact with the tenants.

Lucas de Gálvez Market, Yucatecan history, culture and commerce

For those who have made their lives in Yucatan, visiting the market is perhaps a mandatory stop that is made at least once in a lifetime.

For many people, the markets in Mérida represent the opportunity to acquire the best products at the best price, thus employing hundreds of artisans, farmers and merchants in the region.

Within the Lucas de Gálvez market premises you will find footwear for all kinds of tastes, budgets and needs.

Once there, you may want to buy souvenirs from your trip to Yucatan for the whole family.

In the Lucas de Gálvez Market you will find a wide range of embroidered clothing and typical Yucatan dresses at a fair and affordable price, ideal to take a souvenir of your stay in the city.

If gastronomy is your thing, within the market aisles you will find a complete universe of vegetables, seeds, spices, meats and fruits that have been grown by local farmers, who day after day travel long distances to bring the best products to the public.

Of course, your visit cannot end without first trying one of the typical dishes prepared in the market.

It is an experience that will undoubtedly allow you to appreciate more closely the flavors and colors of the people in Yucatan.

Venado Zic in Yucatan
Venison Tzic, typical dish of Yucatan.

To get to the Lucas de Gálvez Market it is necessary to go into the most remote streets of the center ... lie.

The market is located on 65A Street, next to the old post office building and one corner of the Eulogio Rosado Park.

Before, it used to be an area full of splendor called Paseo de las Bonitas, however the ravages of time have made it what we know today.

Don't forget to try the salbutes and panuchos, the turkey broth, the black filling, the chocolomo and the typical sweets of Yucatan Like papaya candy and meringues, you won't regret knowing the Lucas de Gálvez Market in Mérida.

Do you want to know the old canteens of Mérida and drink from their tradition and mischievous humor?

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