Do you know Playa Bonita in Campeche? Intimate and small is a reference point for rest. Enjoy this incredible place and all the beauties of Yucatan.

Located on the Yucatan peninsula and facing the Gulf of Mexico is Campeche.

It is the only walled fortress city in Mexico. Its Historic Center has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Its old town is an urban landscape of colonial heritage, dating from the sixteenth century and perfectly preserved.

Campeche is not yet considered a mass tourism destination. However, it has an international airport and is close to Merida and Cancun.

Beaches in Campeche? Yes, and they are beautiful!

Many think that in Campeche there are no places to bathe in the sea. However, Playa Bonita in Campeche is the exception.

Located in the small town of fishermen of Lerma, this seaside resort in Campeche is ideal to go on a weekend or on vacation, thanks to its proximity to Mérida.

Playa Bonita in Campeche is one of the most wonderful places on the Campeche coast.

A quiet place that is located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

A day at sea

In Bonita Campeche Beach natural beauty is the main means of entertainment. If you want to spend a pleasant day surrounded by nature in an idyllic setting.

The blue color of the sea is extremely relaxing and the sea breeze comforts from the first moment you feel it on your face.

On the fine white sand you can walk or lie down to appreciate the fabulous natural landscape.

In Playa Bonita Campeche you will find everything you need to enjoy the sun and the sea.

In the Spa there are palapas, bathrooms, changing tables, restaurant area, parking, security, lifeguards and rental of chairs and umbrellas.

Therefore, you don't need to carry your beach kit. Just wear your bathing suit.

A familiar and accessible spa

The advantage of Playa Bonita in Campeche is that it is a spa that you can go with the whole family.

It is an accessible beach and children will be very happy to visit it. Well, it is a safe beach and there is a children's play area and a water park with inflatables.

If you have reduced mobility, at Playa Bonita Campeche, there is a loan of wheelchairs and amphibians.

How to get to Playa Bonita Campeche?

You must go to Lerma, a fishing village that is located 15 kilometers southwest of Campeche.

By car you are approximately in 15 minutes.

Food and Costs in Playa Bonita

In Playa Bonita Campeche there are several restaurants. In all of them the specialties are seafood and fish.

Some dishes you have to try are Pan de Cazón, a classic of the state and, of course, the traditional habanero pepper and tomato sauce.

Visiting hours to Playa Bonita Campeche It is from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The cost of the entrance is:

Local: $2 pesos

National: $20 pesos

Foreigners: $40 pesos

Automobiles: $10 pesos

Motorcycles: $5 pesos

There are several hotels in Playa Bonita Campeche. We recommend:

Hacienda Puerta Campeche

This luxury hotel is a tropical Mexican refuge. It is located near Playa Bonita in Campeche.

Designed in a restored 16th century hacienda, it has a Spa, first class facilities, swimming pools and a prestigious restaurant.

Address: Calle 59, Nº 71 por 16 y 18.

Hotel Boutique Casa Don Gustavo

Casa Don Gustavo has a fabulous interior design. The furniture combines 18th century pieces with modern elements. It has a swimming pool and a luxurious terrace.

Address: Calle 59 Nº 4

Other options near Playa Bonita in Campeche are:

  • Hostel Viatger Inn. Address: Calle 51 Nº 28
  • Balché House. Address: Calle 57 Nº 6

Isla Arena, Pedro Infante's paradise

Isla Arena is another of the most beautiful beaches in Campeche. There the talented Pedro Infante used to spend long periods of time.

Everything in Isla Arena remembers the great Pedro Infante. In fact, there is a museum dedicated to the popular actor and Mexican cinema.

In the enclosure you can see a statue, the prestigious Silver Globe that the film Tizoc won at the Berlin Film Festival, costumes, newspaper clippings and posters of the popular Pedro Infante films.

The museum can be visited every day during business hours. 9:00 to 5:00 pm.

A charming town

A charming town, that's what Pedro Infante called this small fishing village, with fine white sand, located on the Campeche coast.

And is not for less. Without a doubt, what fell in love with the movie star is the simplicity and kindness that characterize the inhabitants of this remote place, which is surrounded by fabulous nature.

In addition to knowing the museum, there is an area of palapas, a dock and a children's play area.

Other things to do in Isla Arena

At the end of your visit to Isla Arena, be sure to visit La Casa del Cocodrilo, which is dedicated to raising crocodiles, releasing specimens and commercializing skin and meat, respecting environmental regulations.

You can also go hiking and admire the mangroves by taking a kayak trip.

Do not forget to try the local cuisine with dishes based on seafood and crocodile meat.

Also don't forget to make a stop at the El Remate tourist hostel. There you will find a spring of water up to 4 meters deep.

A perfect destination to swim and observe the natural beauty of the place with monumental mangroves. It is located 14 kilometers from Isla Arena.

How to get to Isla Arena?

Isla Arena is located 70 kilometers from Campeche. From the capital city you must go to Calkiní and the Petenes Biosphere Reserve.

Along the way, stop for a few seconds at:

Ex Haciendas de Santa Cruz: In this town you can buy local handicrafts, made with local stones, and handmade hats.

Tankuché: know the former henequen hacienda whose construction dates back to the 19th century.

And since you are in Campeche… visit its capital!

Campeche could be part of a fairy tale: pirates, colorful houses, fortresses. Every corner of the city has a perfect image ideal for a photographic walk.

The wall that surrounded the city was built in the 17th century in defense of pirates. Some 500 meters of the wall and the Puerta de Mar y de la Tierra still exist in very good condition.

It is also possible to visit two forts: Fort of San Miguel and Fort of San José el Alto.

The buildings in Campeche are painted in beautiful pastel colors. You can walk for blocks and blocks inside the walled part of the city and still observe the beautiful colonial architecture.

Be sure to go to Calle 59. Stroll through this central pedestrian area, with its colorful houses, small shops and boutiques and multiple cafes, restaurants and bars.

The sunsets in Campeche are unforgettable. In that sense, the perfect way to end the day is by visiting the boardwalk. Go to the sculpture "The Bride of the Sea" and fall in love with the view.

Two incredible archaeological sites: Calakmul and Edzná

The state of Campeche has 17 archaeological sites, including Calakmul, the largest Mayan city in the region.

Calakmul is a spectacular nature reserve, the second largest in Mexico, and its jungle is home to jaguars, birds and butterflies.

All of them coexist with more than 6,000 archaeological structures.

The Calakmul ruins are not known to many people. Compared to Chichén Itzá, which receives more than 3,850 people per day, the Calakmul ruins receive around 60 people per day!


This is quite surprising because the Calakmul site is bigger and in some ways more surprising.

If you think the iconic “Castillo” or main pyramid at Chichén Itzá is large, compare it to Calakmul.

The pyramid at Chichén Itzá measures 30 meters. Calakmul's main pyramid is 45 meters high.

Other interesting things about Calakmul are:

The amount of wild animals you can see. You can see wild turkeys, tropical birds, tarantulas, foxes, monkeys, and more!

You will most likely never feel so far removed from civilization.

Edzná, just wonderful

Very close to Campeche, there is also the archaeological site of Edzná, which will leave you speechless. The impressive 5-story pyramid is 39 meters high.

Edzná is located southeast of the city of Campeche just 1 hour away.

The city was founded around 600 BC as a small community and its main activity was agriculture.

It had numerous religious, administrative and residential buildings, but the most interesting was the advanced hydraulic system.

The Mayans developed a network of canals that drained the valley and the water was led to a lagoon, at the same time that they served to irrigate the fields.

Due to the high humidity in the land, they could produce a large harvest and, in the canals, abundant fishing.

Their drainage system was impressive and they managed to carry the rainwater to artificial reservoirs, called Chultunes.

During its best moment, the site had up to 25 thousand inhabitants, later there was the gradual decline of the place, until its total abandonment, in 1450.

What to see in Edzná:

  • The Great Acropolis. It is a wide quadrangular space with several monumental structures, the Building of the Five Floors is the most impressive.
  • Building of the Five Peaks. This construction is a spectacular five-story pyramid (31.5 m high) that has numerous rooms.
  • Main square. It is a wide space, where the largest number of constructions on the site are located. In the north and south, there are two Mayan roads or Sacbés, which were used to circulate within the city.
  • Temple of the Great Masks. The masks have anthropomorphic features with aesthetic attributes typical of the elite, such as dental mutilation, nose rings, earmuffs and large zoomorphic headdresses.
  • Ball game. The ball court consists of two parallel structures at the top and two giant hoops.

A natural paradise

Campeche is a natural paradise. The mangroves and lagoons stretch north of the Mexican coast.

Countless flamingos live there. To the south, the narrow strips of white sand beaches are home to thousands of turtles.

A destination that brings together numerous sites of interest and natural destinations is the city of Hopelchen. In it you can visit archaeological sites such as Dzibilnocac, Hochob and Santa Rosa Ixtampac.

In addition to these places, just 34 kilometers from the municipal seat, you can access an underground cave inside which there are impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Is the Xtacumbilxunaan Cave, which in Mayan means "hidden woman". This is an unmissable place for lovers of nature.

You already know: Campeche is a great destination. Bonita Beach in Campeche It awaits you. Meet this treasure!

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