Do you know what the history of women's swimwear has been? Do you want to know the most outstanding models this year? What are the best places to buy? We will tell you!

History of women's swimwear
History of women's swimwear

An essential garment in the wardrobe of a woman who lives in Mérida is the swimsuit.

The weather in Yucatan, with temperatures above 30 ° C and the option of having numerous beaches nearby invite you to enjoy the water and the sun all year round. But what has been the history of this piece of design?

From full dresses to tiny bikinis, the history of women's swimwear has evolved over time.

Its appearance was not until the 19th century, since before, women bathed mostly naked.

Improvements in rail systems and other transportation methods in the 19th century popularized the idea of swimming and going to the beach, which began to look like a recreational activity.

Olympic sport

Over the centuries, swimming became an Olympic sport. From that moment, the women's swimsuit acquires functionality. As the sport grew, the swimsuits became more streamlined and less heavy, paving the way for styles to come.

By 1910, the women's swimsuit was less restrictive and heavy. The women exposed their arms, the hems slipped to mid-thigh, and the designers used less fabric to hide a girl's figure. As the 1920s approached they became smaller and the demand for them grew. Hollywood and Vogue popularized the idea that swimwear was sexy and glamorous, a trend that would persist for decades to come.

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bikini woman

The rise of the bikini

While two-piece suits were common in the years leading up to World War II, they generally covered a woman's navel and left only a little abdomen visible. In 1946, French designer Louis Reard introduced the world to the world's first modern bikini, which featured far less fabric than its predecessors.

His name has roots in war: Reard was inspired to name his two pieces after an American atomic test of journalistic interest by the name of Bikini Atoll. The new women's swimwear design was so risky that the designer had to hire Micheline Bernardini, a Parisian showgirl, to model it.

Outfit ready! Advantages of living near the sea ...

Living near the sea means having a section of your wardrobe set aside for a weekend on the beach. That includes, for the majority, having at least two or three bathing suits and outfits to wear in the tropical climates of Yucatan.

swimsuit woman

The pleasant climate in Mérida Yucatán and the fabulous beaches nearby are a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs who bet on textile design.

As we mentioned, the climate in Mérida Yucatán is characterized by an average temperature of 30 ° C. Meanwhile, the weather in Yucatan and its beaches near the city is 33 ° C. With these data, it is more than clear that the sale of swimwear in these areas abounds.

In fact, lately many local designers bet on the benefits of the climate in Mérida Yucatán and its tropical temperature for create original swimwear designs. Some entrepreneurs are Fernanda Arjona, Andres Gasque and Sofía Palermo.

With a long history, all of them have participated in New York Fashion Week and Canada Fashion Week and this summer, for sure, their latest designs will be a must on the Mexican beaches.

Types of swimsuits for this 2020 season

The advantages of the Yucatecan coasts are not limited to the proximity to the capital (only thirty minutes). In them you can also enjoy endless options both fashion design for swim suitesAs well as activities on beautiful beaches where white sand, boat rides on crystal clear waters are part of the landscape.

Tie dye

Women's swimsuit 2020

This style is a youth classic to hold on the sides of the hip, back and neck. The colors that this 2020 will have the greatest presence are faded pastel or phosphorescent. A model tie dye It would be incredible for your weekend in Telchac.

Complete swimsuit

full suit woman 2020
Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

The classic of women's swimwear. This season the options to wear a complete swim suite without neglecting style and sensuality are many. In the main squares you will find models to enhance your personality and body type. Much attention this year with the patterned designs, they will be a must in a outflit beachy.

Sports bikini

sports swimsuit
Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

The sports bikini combines the sexy design of the bikini with a comfortable fit that adapts to the body. Forget about adjusting your swimsuit every second. The sports bikini is a favorite to wear among young people; but we think it is perfect for any age. A sporty bikini model would make a perfect match with a getaway through the Yucatan Peninsula.

Where to buy swimsuits in Merida?

Whether to enjoy the Yucatan beaches or to go to the pool, take advantage of the arrival of spring and summer to take a walk around these stores:

Bari Swinwear Altabrisa Mérida

If you have time in Yucatan you will surely know this store. Located in Plaza Altabrisa it is a great option.

Address: Plaza Altabrisa Calle 7.


This online store has a wide catalog and variety of sizes. Perfect if you want to save time and make your purchases online.

Turquoise blue swimwear

Find a wide variety of designs and bright colors to suit a jovial and tropical print style.

Address: Calle 1H 192, Residencial Col. México Norte

Enjoy the weather in Mérida Yucatán and its temperature! Get fashionable with these original swimsuits for 2020! If you don't have much time to travel, remember that Puerto Progreso is always an option for those looking for beaches near Mérida.

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