In times of taking care of ourselves, many people find themselves working from home, entering the world of home office jobs for the first time.

How much do you know about this work modality? Find out what is and how is the home office job in Mérida.

In recent times, home office jobs have increased. Since the global coronavirus pandemic was declared, remote work has grown significantly.

As a preventive measure to reduce infections, most companies have authorized their workers to work from home. But is it easy to do home office? What must be considered?

Just a few decades ago, the vast majority of work at home opportunities were far from profitable.

However, improvements in technology and the birth of social networks have given way to a new wave of jobs that are truly profitable and, increasingly, companies decide to opt for this type of work.

A 2017 study by the Upwork and Freelancers Union He estimates that in the next decade, more than half of the workforce will be working independently. In fact, almost Millennials 50% are already doing freelance or freelance work.

If you are currently practicing this modality, find out which are the most popular home office jobs to work at home and what are their advantages.

Work from home with one of these home office jobs:

1.Web development and graphic design

This is one of the Jobs from Home Most Wanted by Clients. Surely you have heard of development and web design. It consists of designing digital content for a website or for different types of media.

The creation of web pages or ecommerce, stores to sell online, are and will soon be a horizontal modality for any type of business in the coming months.

2. Teaching and tutoring

Distance education, using digital platforms, is an increasingly used modality. These kinds of jobs from home are very practical.

The work is quite simple, you need to organize several sessions and give conferences. You can teach and tutor online via Skype or Google Hangout or Classroom.

You only need a transmission platform like the ones we mentioned and solve the payment process.

A website to pay online and promote your classes is a great idea.

3. Writing, writing and editing texts

These home office jobs are among the most popular.

You have to write texts for different clients and on different platforms or formats.

You can be a ghost writer or write articles for a blog, website or posts for social networks.

In this type of job, you will have to sharpen your senses of intuition to find the companies you create, they may require your services.

Search for blogs, web pages, facebook pages that create and spread written content to promote a place, a style, a product, entertainment, etc.

4. Sales and marketing

In most home office jobs you have to market a product, especially on the internet.

Marketing strategies could be through CRM platforms, social media marketing, mailing, creation of sales funnels through digital content, among some options to optimize the conversion flow.

6. Development of mobile applications

Application development, like software development, is one of the jobs with the most future. In addition, this type of work is one of the most requested home office jobs.

If you have any idea and you don't have a job, send emails, look for contacts who may be interested in your development or app, and of course, benefit them both.

7. Search engine optimization or SEO, SEM

Search engine optimization or SEO is also a freelance job that can be done from home.

SEO is a branch of digital marketing that is responsible for configuring and orOptimize the content of a web page so that it appears in the first Google searches.

It is a home office job that needs basic marketing skills, but without a doubt, you can learn and run at home.

8. Administrative support or assistance

Support or administrative assistance can come in various forms such as becoming a virtual assistant or managing a certain type of project.

A variant is to attend a sales channel from home.

9. Translation services

Translation jobs are also in high demand if you are a freelancer.

The options are wide: there are legal, technical, medical translations among many other variants.

This is a home office job that is one of the most performed by freelancers, however if you want to charge more professional rates, You can choose to certify in the language of your specialty.

10. Web research

Web research or Internet research is a fairly easy job for freelancers.

It consists of performing different types of tasks such as fill out forms, conduct surveys, to name a few.

There are plenty of pages that give rates or fees for answering surveys or selling online.

11. Photography

The freelance photographer is one of the most popular jobs. Should have passion for photography, experience and an important portfolio.

In addition, you must be familiar with photo editing and retouching. You can get your clients from the comfort of your home, publishing your work on different platforms designed for freelance work.

12. Customer service

Customer service booths provide technical assistance. You must have great communication skills and knowledge of the particular field in which you are asked to serve.

13. Social media coordinator and Community Manager

The position of Social media coordinator is not for everyone because you need to have experience.

Here you need to know about platforms, have experience in managing and updating all social media platforms. and how to interact and how to interact on different channels.

Marketing knowledge is also required to create strategies and content that will engage your audience.

14. Audio and video production

Audio and video production is remote work carried out by experienced professional people. 

A home office job that can be coordinated from anywhere. Marketing agencies, advertising, social media pages, web pages, in short ... lAudio and video production is a job currently requested.

Create a portfolio, gather your evidence and send emails or search for contacts who are interested in your services.

15. Data entry

Data entry jobs are nothing new and you may know them.

For this job you must have a writing speed of at least 30 to 40 words per minute and also a lot of patience.

It is a job applied for by journalists or staff conducting interviews or documentaries.

16. Architectural services

Finally, you can get a job as a freelancer for various architectural services.

The most popular is the interior design or drawing plans. In addition, you can deal with clients from your home.

Advantages of working from home

  • There are no schedules. Although you do not mark a card or do not have a fixed schedule, it's always good to have a routine so as not to lose performance or punctuality in deliveries.
  • Less stress. There is no mental pressure, and you can work freely and as creatively as you want.
  • More time with the family. If you are a person who wants to spend more time with your family, remote work gives you that possibility.
  • It's cheaper. When you work from home, there are no travel expenses or meals to spend. You also don't have to spend big investments buying formal office clothes. If you want, you can even work in pajamas.
  • Further, setting up a home office doesn't cost much. You can use any room in your home and turn it into an office.
  • You don't need to run out of your home in the morning to get to the office on time and you use less public or private transport.

Without a doubt, doing home office has its advantages. But remember: Working from home seems easy and promising, but it takes very hard work.

You must be disciplined, productive and efficient in whatever you do. In that way, you will gain more clients and you can be recommended to obtain more and better home office jobs.

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