Buffet breakfasts in Mérida to pamper yourself with the varieties of their dishes. The best places to share a hearty and delicious breakfast.

A famous phrase says that you have to eat breakfast as a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a beggar. And if it is breakfasts, what better is it of the buffet type. That way you can eat everything and repeat as many times as you want, for an affordable cost.

There are some restaurants with buffet breakfasts in Mérida, Yucatán, which include typical dishes of Mexican gastronomy. Others, however, offer light options based on fresh fruits and juices or gourmet options.

There is also the possibility of taking advantage of buffet breakfasts in Mérida hotels. They are very famous for their excellent service and great quality of food. In addition, they are favorites to carry out some type of meeting or celebration.

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Hotels in MeridaThey generally have very elegant or modern spaces with incredible panoramic views of the city, making them very good places to enjoy a buffet breakfast with all the comforts and a luxurious view.

What dishes do I find at the city's buffet breakfasts?

Coffee, natural juices, fruits, eggs, tortillas, sweet bread ... breakfast in Mexico is plural and abundant. 

Depending on the region you are in, it may include some dishes from the area. For example, if you are in the north of the country, like in Monterrey, you cannot think of a breakfast without including machaca, dried meat with egg accompanied by wheat tortillas. On the other hand, if you are in the south, as in Oaxaca, you will probably start the day with a tasty Oaxacan mole. And in the southeast?

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The foods that are part of the buffet breakfasts in Mérida can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Of course, what can not be missing is coffee. It is mostly served in its Mexican version, café de olla, or American style, although depending on the location, you can also get other options such as cappuccino or latte.

Another food that I could not be absent in the buffet breakfasts in Merida is eggs.

It does not matter if they are scrambled, divorced, rancheros or Mexican. Without a doubt, they are a classic that will always be included on your plate when you wake up.

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Tortillas cannot be missing either. And very warm, much better! At buffet breakfasts in Mérida you are unlikely to find them directly from the comal. Even so, they are necessary to accompany your sauce and eggs or the main dish you want to taste.

And the main course? There are many buffet breakfasts in Merida. In addition to the typical chilaquiles, enchiladas or molletes, add the tacos of cochinita pibil or carnitas or also the barbecue.

To drink not everything is coffee. A must are the natural juices of fresh fruits. Orange, grapefruit, beets and more power options such as energizing juices or anti-flu.

5 breakfast buffets in Mérida to leave with a full belly and a happy heart

If you still do not know where to go for breakfast, we share some classic options and others that perhaps you did not know. These buffet ideas in Merida for breakfast will leave you speechless. Proposals with numerous dishes so that you can delight your palate and start the day very well.

Colonial Hotel Merida

Located in the Historic Center of Merida, this hotel is one of the most famous in the city. Popular for its wide variety buffet breakfasts, it is undoubtedly a classic.

Its terrace has spectacular views of the old town. The service hours are from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon. The approximate cost is from $140 pesos to $115 pesos per person, for adults and children, respectively.

Address: Calle 62 Nº 476 X 57 Y 59

Motiuleños eggs in merida
Eggs Motuleños.

Drive in

With several branches, Drive In is a great proposal if you are looking for buffet breakfasts in Mérida. The detail of this restaurant is that everything you ask for is cooked in the traditional wood-fired oven.

Depending on the day of the week they usually have a discount. Therefore, it is a good place if you are looking for breakfast promotions in Mérida.  

The cost is $155 pesos per person.

Address: Av. Colón #506 D x 62 A


The buffet breakfast offered by the Liverpool restaurant is considered by many to be endless. In its bar you find all the classic Mexican and Yucatecan flavors. The cost is $159 pesos for adults and $115 pesos for children. At the weekend the values are $169 pesos and $120 pesos respectively.

Hotel El Español

Modern and pleasant, Hotel El Español is another option to enjoy buffet breakfasts in Mérida. The place is cozy and the restaurant has a view of the pool. The cost is $175 pesos per person.

Address: Avenida Paseo de Montejo 484 X 41

Cultural Bistro

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Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Headed by French Chef Yohann Chauvineau, Bistro Cultural stands out for its simple dishes with exquisite flavors.

Bistro does not have a buffet breakfast As such, but it does offer complete packages for you to try a little of its delicious options.

For breakfast, you can choose Yucatecan omelets and enjoy them in an environment surrounded by art and nature. On Sundays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, enjoy breakfast all day. The approximate cost per person is $120 pesos.

Address: Calle 66 x 43

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8 favorite places to have breakfast in Mérida

These places are part of the Saturday or Sunday morning of life in Yucatan, if you are looking for a full and well-served continental breakfast with an added main dish of your choice.

POP Cafeteria

With several decades of life it is an icon of Mérida. In Pop cafeteria, Motuleños Eggs and hot cakes are a must. A retro and informal place to chat and, of course, have breakfast. From 100 pesos per person.

Address: Calle 57 x 60 y 62

Pavoni Cool Cakes

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With a very informal industrial design, Pavoni Cool Cakes is a mecca for sweets. Cakes, cupcakes, hot cakes and marquesitas are some of its most popular delicacies. For breakfast you can choose the hot cakes with bacon and the carrot cake. From $130 pesos per person.

Address: Calle 39 Nº 218

Merci Homemade Food

 For lovers of French food, Merci Homemade Food is perfect. All its dishes are made with local products. The approximate price per person is $120 pesos.

Address: Calle 23 x 14 y 16, Plaza San Ángelo

I miss you, stranger

From the outset, the name surely manages to conquer you. With a very romantic decoration, this breakfast place in Mérida is synonymous with peace and introspection.. Each menu item has a name that conquers you and a hidden phrase that you can see when you finish your meal. From $130 pesos per person.

Address: Calle 56 Nº 426 x 47. Inside Lagalá.

Kudus and Volta stand out for their gourmet and modern dishes.

Kadus Bistro

Eating breakfast here is a unique experience. Their drinks are very original and there is something for everyone..

From a simple frappé to loose leaf tea, at Kadus Bistro everything tastes with a distinctive and delicious flavor. From $130 pesos per person.

Address: Calle 60 Nº 326


If you want to start the morning with an exquisite hot coffee, go to Voltacafé. You can find macchiatos, espressos, cortados and much more. Whether you order a hot or cold coffee, big or small, with a sweet bread or just, Voltacafé is definitely a great place for breakfast. There are options from $120 pesos.

Address: Calle 20 Nº 235

Dahlia coffee

where to have breakfast in merida
Dalia Café.

Personal and with great atmosphere, Dalia Café has a dream decoration and its desserts and cakes are a temptation. Coffee, artisanal shell and some delicious mole chilaquiles, of course, without forgetting its lattes, which are one of the best in the city. From $130 pesos per person.

Address: Calle 23 Nº 201. Plaza San Angelo.

The Order of Chaos

Perfect for organizing a working breakfast, The Order of Chaos has a very original interior design, designed so that you can work, attend a work meeting or simply for breakfast.

In the place you will see blackboards and compartments so you can store your things. The menu is a delight and you can't miss the coffee and drinks. From $100 pesos.

Address: Calle 13 Nº 127

Buffet breakfasts are very popular in Mexico. Habitual in hotels, especially of the “all inclusive” type, they stand out for the variety and quantity of food they offer.

Buffet breakfasts in Merida They are good alternatives if you want to eat rich, varied and in quantity. Do you already know which is your next restaurant or confectionery for breakfast in Mérida?

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