Witnesses of the past, the haciendas in Yucatan They are now the accommodation for those looking for spaces with great stories ...

 Are you looking for hotels in Mérida? Wouldn't you like to know the past in Yucatan and stay in a hotel in the style of the landowners?

The haciendas were built by the wealthy classes throughout the country and in the areas where their products were produced or developed.

There were agricultural, livestock, mining, tequila and sugar producers and even those that worked exclusively with henequen. Yes, henequen, the call Yucatan Green Gold.

Transformed into accommodation, in recent decades the haciendas have become the best hotels in Mérida. They are attractive for local and foreign tourism, offer great comforts and unique experiences.

Currently, the haciendas in Yucatán make up the exclusive portfolio of hotels in Mérida and offer their guests personalized services that combine guided tours of the old facilities, beauty and health treatments and gourmet dining options.

Haciendas in Yucatán through time

Most of the Yucatecan haciendas in the XIX century produced henequen rope, a variety of agave cactus, which was exported for the flourishing shipbuilding industry.

Within these huge tracts of land, the main house used to be the largest building where the landowner kept his dwelling.

In the haciendas in Yucatan There was also an area for machines, which were used to work the fiber; a chapel, a house where the chief or foreman lived, and many other smaller buildings intended for storage or housing.

Likewise, each farm had a school, an infirmary, a store, a church, a cemetery, a hydraulic area, a prison and a stable.

In the twentieth century, most of the estates fell from grace. Henequen was no longer a business, as it was time for synthetic fiber. The industry went bankrupt and those pompous properties were abandoned.

Rescue from the past: the best hotels in Mérida are haciendas

At present some Yucatan haciendas have been rehabilitated and have been transformed into the best hotels in Mérida: with elegant rooms, impressive dining facilities, swimming pools and magnificent gardens.

This type of accommodation in Mérida is also highly required for events, meetings, weddings and birthdays.

They have majestic rooms that have been adapted for different types of uses.

Most visited farms near Mérida

Hacienda Chichen Resort

Yucatecan customs - vidaenyucatan.com
Photo by Jimmy Salazar on Unsplash
Representation of ancestral healings of the Mayans.

This 16th century colonial icon is located a few meters from the famous archaeological site. Stately and nestled in lush gardens, it offers great amenities, an excellent location, restaurant and pool.

It also has a place for relaxation: YaxkinSpa, what provides holistic healing treatments inspired by the Mayan worldview.

Rates start from $1750.00 pesos per night + taxes for the double room.

Includes welcome cocktail for adults and is a pet-friendly hotel. It is located less than 2 hours from Merida and it has profitable spaces for a wedding in the hacienda facilities.

Hacienda Katanchel

With 40 carefully decorated suites, the 17th century Katanchel hacienda is surrounded by tropical rainforest.

Hacienda Katanchel has an unparalleled link with nature, reflected in services such as the exotic bird observatory of the region with experts in ornithology. Also with excursions to nature reserves and archaeological sites.

One of the most special excursions they offer is to the Hacienda Ake. For those who are interested in knowing the Haciendas in Yucatan in depth, they can visit the henequen machinery in operation just as it worked centuries ago!

Some rooms have a private pool with fresh spring water.

The hacienda in Yucatan Katanchel It is only 30 minutes from the sea and 25 minutes from the city of Merida.

Hacienda Misné

Built in 1870, the Hacienda Misné It stands out for the beauty of its gardens and its construction that combines elements of Spanish and French architecture; all of this leads the guest on a journey back in time or in the dream of relaxation.

All its spaces are charming. The Hacienda Misné It has 42 rooms and 8 suites that preserve the classic structure of a peninsular room.

It offers a spa service, swimming pool and bar. Your restaurant Pitahaya they are distinguished by their high level. To itself as a space for weddings and special events.

It is located just 15 minutes from the historic center of the city of Merida and it is one of the most visited haciendas because it is close to Mérida.

haciendas in yucatan - vidaenyucatan.com
Hacienda Misné in Yucatan.

Hacienda Xcanatun

Famous as a lodging near Mérida. The origin of Xcanatun dates back to the 18th century and it transports you on a journey where time stops so you can enjoy a stay in total peace.

Converted into a boutique hotel, restaurant and spa, it offers 18 suites that reconstruct the glorious past of this imposing construction.

The rooms have a jacuzzi and coral stone for a closer and more luxurious contact with nature.

It is important to mention that the hotel possibly not suitable for families with young children. Because their main concern is the calm of their guests, they mention this warning in their Homepage.

Its gourmet restaurant, extensive gardens and spa make this place the best refuge for your stay in Yucatan. 15 minutes from the city.

Hacienda Santa Cruz

Renowned hacienda in Yucatán with lodging near Mérida. The Hacienda Santa Cruz stands out for its arches and large terraces ... And not only that:

Hacienda Santa Cruz is included in the catalog of the Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), thanks to being a cultural heritage sanctuary in Yucatan.

Its proximity to Uxmal makes it a must-see destination for the archaeological site.

The Hacienda Santa Cruz has a restaurant and double deluxe rooms, junior suites and master suites for the comfort of its guests.

The Hacienda Santa Cruz hotel is located one hour from Mérida.

Hacienda Mucuyché, destination of Empress Carlota of Belgium

The hacienda in Yucatán with perhaps the most endearing history that fills Meridans with pride, is the Hacienda Muyché. Despite not being a hotel, Hacienda Mucuyché is a most on your travel list as a tourist in Mérida.

During her trip to Yucatán in 1865, Empress Carlota of Belgium, got to know the farm, which by then had more than 5,000 hectares.

So important was his passage through this place that for a long time he was known Mucuyché as Hacienda Carlota.

The empress toured its semi-open cenote and bathed in its crystalline waters. The cenote today bears his name and his depth is between 5 and 7 meters.

To get there you just have to go down some stone steps. The environment, surrounded by walls covered with vegetation is admirable.

It may interest you: Mayan crafts, 10 towns in Yucatán that were born to create.

In the peninsula, history never ends and there is no more suitable place to learn about the cultural, economic and social evolution of the state than to stay in a hotel in Merida and what better, in the old haciendas in Yucatan.

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