Glamping | Luxurious way of camping that is already a trend in Yucatan. Hameki, the perfect place for you to experience this style of accommodation ...

Glamping in Yucatán only in one place: Hameki. A space on the peninsula that fission by glamor and camping.

Glamping is a way to experience the most impressive places in the world with first-rate amenities. In a 5-star hotel? No, in a fancy tent!

The orogeny of glamping dates back beyond what you can imagine: to the year 1100.

By those times, Mongolian tribes lived in tents called yurts or gurs, which provided a semi-permanent and stable home as they moved from one place to another.

Later, around 1900, destined for the wealthy classes, glamping began to be seen in the exclusive safari camps that were held in Africa.

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Since then, these tents have evolved to offer different types of comforts such as beds, desks, cooling and heating equipment.

In recent years, this practice has reached Mexico. The vast and varied geography of the country is a great attraction.

glamping yucatan
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There are fabulous landscapes that are excellent for camping, so in many tourist destinations they have included in their list of different accommodations glampsite options.

Some examples can be found in Tepoztlán, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California or Tulum.

He glampling in Yucatán it is a recent but successful practice. Little by little, people are learning what glamping is and where it can be practiced.

Hameki in Yucatán, a place to discover what glamping is

Merida has become famous for its boutique hotels and incredible restaurants, but not everyone looks for that type of accommodation to spend their vacations.

If you like a comfortable place to sleep in the middle of nature and surrounded by adventures, know Hameki in Homún and gampling in Yucatán.

Homún is located very close to Mérida, just over 50 kilometers.

Famous for its cenotes, it is an ideal area to connect with nature, enjoy different activities and sophisticated outdoor accommodations in Yucatan. Where? In Hameki.

Opened in 2018, Hameki is a glampsite located steps away from the cenotes and the natural beauties that this area offers. It's the only place you can do glampling in Yucatan is in Hameki.

The camp includes five large tents, which are a real treat.

Each tent is equipped with a bed, an electric fan, a socket for charging phones, tables and chairs, among other amenities.

glamping yucatan
Hameki in Yucatán is more than glamping: it's your new style of lodging.

The tents are super spacious and have everything you need so that you do not miss the comfort of a hotel.

Hameki has a nice swimming pool, as well as an area for hammocks and loungers. All in a large park surrounded by nature that your soul seeks. Don't worry about the food: you will find a luxury restaurant on the premises. If you go with minors they can enjoy several games for children. The bathrooms, although they are communal, stand out for their modernity and cleanliness. 

Hameki also offers visits to cenotes and caves that are located a few meters away.

In addition, you can go zip-lining, relax in its temazcal, request a foot massage or take a healing mud bath. But it is not all.

If you wish, you can request a romantic dinner or enjoy movie nights and bonfires.

To get to Hameki from Mérida, you must take the Homún-Huhi highway. Once in town you have to go to 19th Street.

Do you have any doubts about what glamping is? If you are ready to go glamping in Yucatán, get to know Hameki, near Mérida!

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