Slow Food, Mercado de la Tierra is an organic food market in the Plaza del Cine Colón.

Surely you already heard about the Slow Food Market ... With more than a decade of existence Slow food, also know as Earth Market It is the best place to find organic food in the neighborhoods of the city of Merida. Every Saturday dozens of local producers meet to offer products of the highest quality and freshness.

Looking for healthy and fresh food? Slow Food is the most famous organic food market near you. If you want to know where to eat healthy Slow Food is located on Saturdays in the street of the Colón Shopping Center.

Healthy food becomes more necessary and popular every day, the organic market: Slow Food is an example since it is part of a movement that has spread to 132 countries.

This organic food market is a classic for Saturday weekends. That is why many have chosen to start the start of Saturday with a healthy breakfast together with the family.

The original proposal was born in Italy and is currently being replicated in several European and American cities. The objective is to preserve the gastronomic traditions of the region, stimulate the consumption of organic products and promote a healthy diet.

In Mexico there are three cities that adhere to this initiative. In addition to Mérida, you can also find this style of market in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Healthy and natural lifestyle

Life pushes us more and more to seek a balance between nature and quality. A wide variety of these products can be obtained at the Slow Food Land Market. Just go to Plaza Colón on a Saturday morning to fill your senses with the freshness of a wide variety of cheeses, jams, fruits and vegetables.

Slow Food's first step was to publish a directory of organic food and food producers. Then it was established as a weekly market to go with friends or family.

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More than 50 producers of organic food for your table

Currently, the Slow Food market is the only organic food market in Yucatán. It is made up of more than 50 Mexican and foreign producers who have chosen to settle and start the self-sustainable food business in the region.

In the Mercado de la Tierra you will find healthy food and a wide variety of products. Traditional local dishes are also for sale, as well as Korean, German, Italian and Arabic specialties prepared by members of immigrant communities.

slow food market -

Thanks to the wealth of organic food it offers, the Slow Food market always attracts chefs and lovers of nature. For visitors, traders and producers, the Slow Food market organizes a series of tasting workshops on topics such as the production of cheese with raw milk, the making of bread with natural yeast, the principles of organic farming and other topics related to food. organic and its consumption.

8 Reasons to Eat Organic Food from the Slow Food Market

1. They are products chemical free. Eating organically grown food is the only way to avoid chemical poisons present in food for large-scale trade.

2. It reduce pollution since it protects the water and the soil from aggressive agents and waste.

3.      They have more nutrients. Organically grown food has more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients) than commercially grown food because the soil is managed and nurtured with sustainable practices according to responsible standards.

4. They taste better. Organic foods generally taste better because they grow in well-balanced, nourished soil.

5.      They do not contain hormones, antibiotics or drugs in animal products. Conventional meat and dairy are the foods with the highest risk of contamination by harmful substances. Organic food is free of hormones, drugs, or antibiotics.

6. Ecosystems are preserved. Organic farming supports ecological livelihoods or agriculture in harmony with nature. Therefore, local ecosystems are preserved. Have you ever wondered if an organic 100% world can produce the world's population demand?

7. Agricultural diversity is preserved. It is estimated that 75% of the genetic diversity of agricultural crops has been lost in the past century. Consuming organic food encourages diversity.

8. Local agriculture is directly supported.

Now you know, The Slow Food market is the only and best option if you are looking for where to eat healthy near you.

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