Do you want to invest? We tell you why betting on an independent business in Mérida is profitable.

It is not new that life in Merida is one of the best in Mexico and that in recent years, Investments in the Yucatan capital have grown exponentially.

The city has become a highly competitive destination for encouraging investment and supporting local entrepreneurs.

In this regard the magazine Entrepeneur placed the capital of Yucatan in the ranking of the 10 cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants with the highest growth and one of the best to start a new business; in fact it is the only city in the south of the country included in the list.

According to the prestigious publication, in addition to offering opportunities to make investments, it provides greater stability, allowing entrepreneurs to carry out projects to open an independent business in Mérida.

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Reasons to invest in Merida

One point in favor of opening an independent business in Mérida relates to the efficient use of electric energy in productive and innovative sectors.

Another important factor that attracts investments in Merida is its high levels of security, low vehicle theft and homicide rates, as well as a high quality of life.

Life in Mérida is calm, safe and you have access to green spaces, natural landscapes, first-class infrastructure and a wide and varied cultural portfolio, among many other advantages. 

Merida also shows significant growth, and its economic activity is more stable. This means that in addition to offering opportunities for doing business, they offer greater stability than other cities whose economies are smaller and therefore much more volatile.

According to official data, in recent years more than 30 thousand formal jobs have been generated and its unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country and does not exceed 2 percent.

4 independent businesses for entrepreneurs

1. Cafes and restaurants

independent businesses in Mérida
Photo by Xochi on Unsplash

Merida grows rapidly. In addition to the notable growth of the population, the thousands of tourists who visit the city at different times of the year must be added. Therefore, investing in this sector is not an irrigation as long as you know which is the best area. Some neighborhoods in the Center and the northern part of the city are a good option.

2. Organic products stores

Organic food and grocery stores are also welcome in Merida. More and more people decide to change their consumption habits for healthier and more natural products. Starting with a small store and later adding a restaurant or cafeteria can be a great alternative.

3. Laundries and dry cleaners

The north of the city is a fertile area for investments. Opening a laundry or dry cleaning business as an entrepreneur can become a successful business since there is not much competition in this sector.

Photo by Gabrielle Costa on Unsplash

4. Veterinary and pet stores

Pets are part of the family and more and more people invest in them looking for quality services. Veterinarians and stores are well regarded especially if they offer novel products and emergency medical service.

What do you think of these ideas to open a business in Merida? What are you waiting to invest?

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