How much do you know about franchises in Mérida? If you think invest in this city know which are the most successful businesses.

If you already have a capital to start, but you lack ideas, these franchises in Mérida are a great option.

Franchising is one of the ways to undertake in this city with less risk and the capital of Yucatan is the best place to check it out.

In fact, there are 200 of them in the state with more than 1,000 points of sale.

The attraction of franchises in the country is long-standing. The first of these was McDonald's, which arrived in 1985 and since then has added more than 600 stores.

franchises in Mérida -
Invest in franchises in Mérida.

Mexico is among the first places in the world in the franchise market and that sector contributes 8 percent to GDP.

In the country, the market is made up of 85% of Mexican brands and 15% of foreign brands.

Regarding the success and survival of franchises, this business niche exceeds five years, a success compared to a traditional SME, which usually does not last more than two years.

In this sense, the great attraction of this model is that it offers a kind of protection for entrepreneurs.

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Currently, this business sector in Yucatan generates thousands of jobs and are brands that belong to the tourism, restaurants, health, beauty, entertainment, beverages and automotive sectors.

5 franchises in Merida to invest

1. Churrería Porfirio

La Churrería Porfirio is one of the businesses in Yucatan that will probably speak for itself in the next few years.

The initial investment in Mexico is 300 thousand pesos and another 100,000 must be paid to adapt the facilities and obtain the necessary equipment for the operation.

The investment recovers between 12 and 18 months.

Also, some of the benefits of investing in Churrería Porfirio They are the architectural supervision of the facilities, training and access to exclusive providers.

2.      Subway

Subway is currently one of the largest fast food franchises in the world. In Mexico they have more than 100 branches and a presence in more than 100 countries. If you are going to move to Merida you will notice.

Besides $200 thousand pesos of brand participation An investment must be made that can reach almost 2 million pesos. In this case, the return on investment is achieved between two and five years.


This franchise in Merida of frozen yogurt, is a great proposal if you plan to invest safely. It started operating in 1986.

In Mexico the contracts are valid for seven years, the space should not be less than 50 m2 and the investment has a return of between 18 and 24 months.

To obtain one of these franchises, the total investment is almost one and a half million pesos. This already includes the brand fee to start the business.

4. Wing's Army

Another option to invest in franchises in Mérida is Wing's Army. This restaurant, specialized in wings, has more than 100 points of sale in Mexico.

In addition to the fee $300 thousand pesos for brand use, almost 2 million pesos are needed for installations and operation.

According to the same company, the return on investment is achieved between 18 and 24 months of operation.

5. Nutrisa

This franchise in Mérida is one of the oldest in Mexico.

With more than three decades and hundreds of stores, it is one of the market leaders. The initial investment is between $800 thousand and $2.5 million pesos.

As you noted, there are various business options that you can find in the southeast to invest. Franchises in Mérida are an option that, beyond the initial investment, represent a safe return.

Economic security is a serious issue in these times and if you are looking for a niche where to invest capital to harvest in one or two years, franchises in the city of Merida are a clear path for those who invest wisely.

Do business in Yucatan! If you are moving to the southeast, invest in franchises in Mérida.

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