Climbing or climbing? Is it really also an art?

Climbing in Mérida begins to gain followers. The physical and mental demands that it demands from its athletes have caused that only those who are passionate about this sport, manage to practice it with the security measures it requires.

Extreme sports are gaining more and more followers and it is a pleasure that it is the turn of a sport as complete as climbing, because of course, it is not just about climbing walls ...

Many people describe climbing as an art. Some climbs have an established shape, so doing them over and over will solve the problems of which foot to place, where, how much weight to climb with which parts of the body, etc. Once you have discovered the movements, they will flow, just like a dancer puts together a choreography. 

Likewise, climbing can be free or integral, use only feet or hands or help you with climbing shoes and other supports designed for this purpose.

There are different varieties of climbing and they are classified according to the terrain. It can be climbed on rock, ice, mixed or on walls designed for this purpose.

There is also the freestyle modality that can be done in any way you choose. 

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Climbing benefits

1. Complete training. Start climbing several times a week and you will work your whole body. 

2. Improved flexibility. If you are not flexible when you start climbing, soon you will be after a few months of reaching seemingly unreachable prey. 

3. Improve endurance. Perfect if you are thinking of a sport that stimulates your whole body.

4. Burns calories. Burning calories can be really fun practicing this sport.

5. It improves cardiovascular fitness. It is not just your muscles that exercise. All the extra effort can make your lungs work overtime to take in more oxygen.

6. Meditative effects. Many climbers become so focused when climbing that their connection to the wall and their own consciousness is indescribable. 

7. Puts you in what many climbers and athletes describe as a state of flux.

8. Relieve stress. It is not just the meditative effects that help fight cortisol. Physical exertion also works wonders to kick-start endorphins, making us feel better, and therefore reducing our stress levels.

 Extreme sports in Yucatan to practice Now!

Climbing in Mérida
Photo by roya ann miller on Unsplash

Life in Yucatan is characterized by its contact with nature and incredible landscapes. There are perfect places for extreme sports in Merida and artificial walls that serve to start taking your first steps.

Bouldering is one of the most popular types of climbing. It is generally practiced on small rocks and boulders, on artificial climbing structures outdoors or on interior walls. Since the climber does not ascend very high, there is no need for ropes. However, thick, padded mats are used under the rock walls to cushion falls.

Another type of climbing is the pscicobloc. In Mérida it has been practiced for 10 years and is a form of solo climbing over a deep body of water. Life in Yucatan gives you the advantage of practicing this sport in a very particular place: the cenotes.

Zones for climbing in Yucatan

Actively there are different areas to practice boulder and psicobloc. Some examples are:

Cenote Nayah. It is located 70 kilometers from Mérida. Take the Acanceh-Tecoh highway towards Telchaquillo.

Cenola Oxola. It is located 65 kilometers from Mérida, on the way to Homún.

M20. It is a climbing center in Mérida block mode. It has a boulder area.

Life in Yucatan, with its many natural riches, becomes the ideal setting for this type of activity. Today, those who like climbing can find different spaces in Yucatan suitable for practicing it.

What are you waiting for to practice climbing? Climbing can always be a metaphor, don't miss the opportunity to try it.

The Yucatan peninsula offers you a great variety of extreme sports and eco-sports that you can practice, there are even companies that offer guided activities in addition to the travel agency that offers tours with specialized guides for diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

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