What are the best places to go out at night in Mérida?

It is likely that one of the first ideas that come to mind when making the decision to live in Merida are the climate, safety and quality of life.

 However, we must not forget that entertainment is also a factor that is important for many people, so we advise you not to overlook the options offered by the nightlife in your new city.

In Mérida there are options for all tastes, ages and budgets, so you will have no problem finding one that suits your needs.

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You will be surprised by the number of places to go out at night in the white city


Cúbaro not only has the best options in drinks and food, but also enjoys a privileged view of one of the most important and representative sites of the State: the Monument to the Homeland, which in short, He nominates it as one of the favorites in the list of places to go out at night in Merida.

This is a restaurant that opens its doors from Monday to Sunday from 5:00 pm and where the day ends until 2:00 am It is only a matter of reserving a table to be able to access the impressive views that this place offers.

On the menu you will find pasta, salads, soups and desserts, which suit all types of tastes. Go ahead and order a glass of wine while you enjoy seeing the lighting of the main avenue, you will not regret it!

+ D'30

More than 30 is a restaurant bar that, as its name implies, is designed for young adults who want to have a good time in the company of friends while listening to live music.

This is a place to go out at night where you can relive the musical successes of past decades, as well as enjoy musical tributes to the most important artists of the national and international music scene.

Located on Avenida Líbano, + D'30 opens from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am, so you will have no excuse not to enjoy the nightlife in one of the best bars in the city.

Hennessy's Irish Pub

If you are looking for a different option for the night in Mérida, You may want to make a reservation to visit Hennessy's Irish Pub, a perfect place to get to know a little piece of Ireland without having to leave the city.

Here you can find a wide range of international drinks and the best of Irish food while enjoying live music on the terrace, which has a privileged view of the Cantón Palace, one of the most emblematic mansions in the entire Paseo de Montejo that today day it works as a museum and as a gallery for temporary art exhibitions.

La Negrita Cantina

When we think of places to go out at night in Mérida places that close their doors late at night probably come to mind.

La Negrita Cantina is the exception due to its location in the historic center.

It is a bar that operates from 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm, but little by little it has become a mandatory stop for all those who like live music.

Although it is a place for adults, the only thing that matters here is that you want to have a good time, and it is ideal for dancing, listening to music, enjoying a drink and the special dishes that the house offers.

Market 60

The perfect choice. Occupying the space of what was once a central large house, Mercado 60 is located in the heart of the city, being a meeting point for the nightlife of both tourists and Yucatecan residents.

Here you will find the most varied options in terms of food and drink, and no matter what day you decide to go, you will witness a great musical party where the desire to dance and sing will never be lacking, regardless of the day of the week!

Now that you know more options and places to go out at night in MéridaDo not hesitate to visit these bars and restaurants and be part of the Yucatan nightlife, where little by little you will discover that the City of Peace is an excellent place to live and have fun.

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