The advantages of solar panels they are numerous for the environment; They are also an energy alternative that saves the pockets of Mexican companies and families.

Investing in solar energy and installing solar panels in your home or business is the new horizon of opportunity for a

If you are thinking about new horizons of savings opportunities, a great option is invest in solar energy and install solar panels in your home.

The advantages of solar modules are many. It is an environmentally friendly alternative that reduces electricity bill costs by up to 20 percent.

In addition to saving energy and protecting against blackouts and power outages, it also promotes the use of renewable energy as an option over the electricity grid.

Although the cost of living in Mérida is average, compared to the rest of the country, electricity consumption can be quite high. That is why solar cells every day become an alternative to generate electricity and we hope that in the future, they will be a reality in every home and business.

solar panel advantages
Clean energy in Yucatan.

A team of air conditioning on, approximately 8 hours a day, can consume 480kWh / month. Against these numbers, investing in solar cells means a real saving of money and energy savings.

In Mexico, 70 percent of the territory is favored due to its location, the benefits of the sun and the radiation it receives. In that sense, Mérida, of course, is no exception to take advantage of solar panels.

Sunlight emits twice the energy in a single day that we use on Earth for two years. Using an energy system such as photovoltaic panels for everyday life and for industry, would represent a use of natural energy that in a few years, would reduce CO2 levels.

5 advantages of solar panels

Many people are aware that solar energy is an excellent supplement to improve home efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and improve property value.

In addition, the advantages of solar panels are reflected in different ways in the lifestyle of those who use them.

1. Provides clean and renewable energy

Solar energy is a clean and renewable 100% energy source. Reduces dependence on oil, coal, and natural gas for electricity production. These fossil fuels produce harmful emissions that affect the quality of air, water and soil.. They are responsible for global warming.

By contrast, sunlight does not produce pollution. The abundant power of sunlight offers an unlimited source of energy that, of course, does not harm the landscape or the ozone layer.

Solar panels for residential use represent an investment in the future of the planet by protecting the environment. Further, they promise a useful life of up to 25 years of guarantee under the best operating conditions.

2. Protects against repeated power outages

Household batteries along with solar cells are also a viable buffer against continuous blackouts that, if you are going to live in Merida, you may be able to witness.

This type of technology is becoming more affordable, resistant and efficient. Further, Provides peace of mind and energy security when the power goes out or during a storm.

3. Reduce the cost of your electricity bill

If you are facing increased energy costs at home, solar panels can save you real money. Depending on its size, efficiency and orientation with respect to the sun, some solar cells actually generate more electricity than your home can consume. This could reduce your electricity bill significantly if you are moving to Mérida, Yucatán.

Solar panels
Two types of solar panels: photovoltaic and solar thermal.

4. You get a great return on investment

One notable advantage of solar panels is that they are a great investment. Thanks to substantial savings on electricity bills, the average homeowner can pay for their solar panel system in seven to eight years.

5. Increase the value of the property

Homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than buildings that do not incorporate that technology.

Real estate brokers take solar installations into account over traditional electric power. Also, as buyers become more educated about solar power, The demand for properties equipped with solar cell systems is constantly growing.

There are two types of solar panels. Quote the best

Photovoltaic panels

solar panel advantages
18 days of sunshine are equivalent to the energy accumulated by the world's carbon reserves.

Photovoltaic solar panels or photovoltaic solar energy, work with the direct incidence of light on the solar cells.

For their operation they need to be oriented at all times towards the sun's rays.

There are several materials that complement the efficiency and amount of energy for photovoltaic solar cells.

Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels receive sunlight and in this way heat water through tubes. This water is then converted into energy thanks to the temperature generated by the heat.

In addition, a last point to consider among the advantages of solar panels is that on the official website of the Federal Electricity Commission their commitments to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide and energy consumption.

Among these, is the installation of solar cells for users who wish to reduce their fuel consumption and take advantage of solar panels for energy savings.

In the city of Mérida you will find different companies that offer installation and sale of solar panels at affordable costs

What are you waiting for take advantage of solar panels, reduce your environmental footprint and improve your energy efficiency for a more economical and friendly with the Earth?

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