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Advantages and disadvantages of living in Mérida

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Live in Mérida? Learn about 5 advantages and disadvantages of living in Mérida, compared to other states of the Mexican Republic.

What you do not know and no one will talk to you is what are the disadvantages of living in Mérida.

The advantages are many, but to make a decision like moving to study or live in Merida it is important to put the whole picture on the table.

Before packing your bags and starting a new life in Yucatan, you must be clear about the advantages and disadvantages that you will find.

Like all cities, Mérida has its own charm and splendor.

As in all cities, Mérida has its own weaknesses and disadvantages.

As inhabitants in love with our customs and traditions of Yucatan, we embrace that diversity that makes us a unique and alive state.

On warning there is no deception, so you avoid receiving unexpected surprises in your new home. 

Advantages of life in Mérida

live in merida
Live in Mérida to improve the quality of family life.

1.- It is a safe city

With certainty we affirm it: Merida is one of the safest cities in the entire country. It recently won the title of "The City of Peace", thanks to the fact that in 2019 it was recognized by the Institute for the Economy and Peace (IEP) as the most peaceful city in Mexico.

This means that, compared to other states of the Mexican Republic, Mérida has a lower rate of assaults, violent crimes, homicides and organized crime.

If we compare the crime rate in the capital of Yucatán, together with the violence rate in Guadalajara or Monterrey, Mérida comes out winning by a lot ... a lot.

However, every year violence rates increase due to multiple demographic and governmental factors.

Mexico is a country in constant evolution. As citizens we have the right to choose the place of residence that offers us the most advantages, as well as the quality of life that we wish to aspire to.

Living in Mérida represents an everyday life of peace and also, it means being part of a growing social structure.

If you are thinking of moving to Mérida, remember that you will be part of a social ecosystem that you must join with a deep respect for their customs and traditions.

The high quality of life in Yucatán is due in part to the tranquility of its inhabitantsIt is everyone's responsibility to maintain that peace.

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2.- Although it may not seem like it, it is well connected with other destinations

disadvantages of living in Mérida
Fishing ports in Yucatán.

The nearest beach is about 20 minutes away and the tourist offer extends along the coast.

Easily access archaeological sites and natural areas that are located a short distance from downtown Merida.

Also, if you are considering an upcoming trip, whether national or international, Merida offers direct international flights to cities such as Havana, Miami, Houston, Toronto.

The Yucatan peninsula borders Campeche and Quintana Roo. In a matter of hours, you arrive in Cancun by bus or private.

3.- Health services in the region are of the highest quality

In Mérida there is a wide range of health services so you should not worry about receiving the best care in case you need to see a medical professional.

The offer is varied and accessible for all types of budget. In addition, little by little it is adapting to receive residents from other parts of the world who have made Mérida their new temporary or permanent residence.

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4.- The rent is accessible

Compared with other states of the Republic, real estate rentals in Mérida are not only accessible, but they are adjusted to your most specific needs.

It is important that before renting a property you compare the prices and amenities it offers against others in the market. So you can make a decision that sticks to your budget, needs and tastes.

Quote different options, investigate calmly since you are choosing the place where you are going to live. If you require guidance, do not hesitate to request the Real estate services to buy or rent a house in Mérida.

Also consult here are the best areas to live in Mérida. The city is expanding and you don't want to live near the highway or in an unfavorable area.

5.- Education is first class

educational level in Mérida

Another aspect that you should not worry about is the education of your children. In Mérida there are various options for private and public schools at all educational levels.

From nurseries to universities in Mérida, you can be sure that your children will receive first-class care.

The educational quality of both private and public schools is a reality in Yucatán.

Disadvantages of living in Mérida ...

1.- The climate

live in merida
Living in Mérida is bringing water and a bit of sweat as part of your outfit and lifestyle.

It is well known that one of the largest disadvantages of living in Mérida it is the particular heat that distinguishes it, especially the one that can be felt between the months of April to September.

But don't worry, it is very possible that after a while you will get used to the high temperatures in your new city and they will not represent a threat to you.

2.- The artistic offer is wide, but not as much as in the big cities

The artistic offer is a con for those people who are used to attending concerts, plays, museums and cultural festivals of international or distinguished personalities.

Although there are more and more efforts to generate a broader artistic scene, the truth is that among the disadvantages of living in Mérida, the presence of great artists is a reality.

It is very possible that you will be left with the desire to see your favorite artist since they usually perform in the capital of the country or in the cities near it.

Mérida is a leader in the development of cultural events and in the promotion of its culture, if you do not reach an artistic event, you can always consult the culture billboard.

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3.- Urban transport

live in merida
Increase in the population in the city of Mérida in recent years.

Another disadvantage of living in Mérida is urban transport. Many times it is necessary to resort to bus services and that is where you can run into an impossible mission if you wanted to get to your destination on time.

A proposal was recently published to create an App that helps users find the most efficient route, so this disadvantage will probably soon diminish.

However, the low government investment to meet the demand for public transport is a reality. The units are insufficient, many are unsanitary and offer poor quality service.

Public transport in the city of Mérida has a cost of $8.00 general and $3.00 pesos for those who present a student or senior ID card.

On the other hand, traffic is a differentiator that distinguishes the city from the large metropolises. Those who visit Mérida feel the beauty of being able to move wherever they please without delay.

However, one of the future disadvantages of living in Merida will be the traffic. The city's infrastructure is not designed for abundant car flows.

A proof of the above are the more than 30 new red lights, of the private transport; without cutting that the population index increases year after year at accelerated rates.

4.- Salaries are lower than in other cities in the country

It is true that some of the services are cheaper, but in contrast, lSalaries in Mérida are significantly lower of those offered in cities like Mexico, Guadalajara or Monterrey.

Unfortunately, this directly affects the quality of life of the inhabitants. Those who to counteract these disadvantages of living in Merida, have opted for entrepreneurship.

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5.- The cost of living is on the rise

Being a city that attracts investment, living costs are increasing.

The rents each year go up more than 8% in certain areas until 20%. The costs of services such as schools, entertainment and recreation increase more than the annual GDP.

In summary of the disadvantages of living in Mérida is that the more time passes, the more expensive life becomes. If you were wondering how expensive is living in Merida? You already have the answer.

One factor that can change the landscape of the disadvantages of living in Merida is that the beach is 30 minutes. Your weekends will be different.

As you can see, Mérida is a city that invites people to stay for a long time to enjoy all the benefits that can be found in it. Now it's your turn to tell us, What is it like to live in Mérida?

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