Some of the old mansions of Mérida dusted themselves off from oblivion to tell us their history and the nostalgia for an architecture that falls apart in the hands of time ...

Mérida is a city that stands out for its culture and history reflected in every corner, dish and tradition of the town.

It is not a secret that there was a time of architectural splendor; a time when visitors came in carriages to enjoy the most modern and ostentatious facilities of the time.

From tired buildings dating from colonial times, such as the Cathedral of San Idelfonso, to more modern constructions, the architecture of Mérida is and has been enriched by trends that set trends.

Mérida is home to an architectural heritage that adorns the most important avenues and neighborhoods of the city. In addition to providing the opportunity to surprise tourists with the stories of love, abandonment, collapse and renovation that each building has to tell.

Montejo House

This majestic house dates from the 16th century, when it was built to house the Montejo family, conquerors of Yucatan and the south of the peninsula.

Some of the characteristics that represent the life of this old house, is the balcony or facade.

The façade has been the subject of mysteries and research on the meaning of the engraved beings.

If you visit the old house of Montejo, you will notice the corbel of children that resemble shouts or laughter, the horns and some mythological animals such as satyrs.

At the moment it is a Bank inside; however, the other half of the house is divided and set up as a museum.

The house narrates through its furniture corresponding to the end of the 19th century, some events that recall the oldest walls.

Canton Palace

No doubt the Canton Palace It is one of the most majestic old mansions in the entire city. 

It is the result of a great boom period in Yucatán at the beginning of the 20th century, when the henequen industry was booming.

montejo walk
The luxurious Cantón house.

At the Canton Palace, you are greeted by a luxurious voice upon entering. The house invites you to visit its spacious rooms where the most ostentatious details they are far from the reach of the hands and even of the mortal eyes. Don't forget to call it Palace, the term "big house" bothers him.

The wealth in which this old house was born, facilitated the arrival of new architectural trends of French influence.

In fact, this imposing mansion belonged to the governor of Yucatán Francisco Cantón Rosado, It was designed by an Italian architect named Enrico Deserti.

Its doors are open to the public and inside is the Regional Museum of Anthropology of Yucatan, where in addition to admiring the art and history of the state, you will have access to the most special corners of what was once a house proud of its bearing.

Quinta Montes Molina

Today, the old Quinta Montes Molina mansion is reserved for holding events, but we remember an old Mérida, in which the eclectic architecture of the city was meant to be inhabited.

Don Aurelio Portondo and Barceló, and his wife Josefa de Regil lived there. Both initially named this house as "Villa Beatriz" in honor of their deceased daughter.

Did you know that the architects in charge of the construction of this property were the same ones who designed and did they build the Peón Contreras theater?

The house changed its name when it was acquired by Avelino Montes, one of the most prominent businessmen in the history of Yucatán, who managed to gain a wealth thanks to the henequen industry.


Although this house is not open to the public, it is undoubtedly a landmark in the city.

mansions in Mérida
It is common to find wildlife as an attraction in the old houses of Mérida.

It is a mansion that is distinguished from others not only by its size and unique pink color, but also by the mysterious solitude that surrounds it and rejuvenates it despite time.

For many years, the residence known as El Pinar was abandoned, but it was at the beginning of the 20th century that a restoration project began in which an attempt was made to preserve the original details of its architecture.

Today it is a private residence that is a source of admiration for tourists, who sadly only know its splendor behind the bars that protect it.

The Minaret

The Minaret, like other old mansions located in the center of Mérida, today serves as a venue for holding events of all kinds.

Its architecture has a neoclassical influence, and the details of its construction were in charge of the engineer Miguel Medina Ayora, who tried to preserve the French housing style of that time.

The houses of this type have a basement, an element that is only conserved in this type of residence and that was intended to protect the inhabitants and valuable objects from possible floods.

If you are considering visiting Mérida, we recommend you take a tour of the entire Paseo de Montejo, to admire the great variety of styles in the mansions and old mansions of the 19th and 20th centuries of La Blanca Mérida.

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