Did you know that the cost of living in Mérida is one of the lowest in the region?

Moving to Mérida, Yucatán, has that and other benefits. Therefore, to simplify that task, we put together several tips to make that move much easier and fun.

Ready to go to Merida? High quality schools and hospitals. Incredible natural beauties. Security, sports activities, variety of cultural events. The capital of Yucatán offers all that and more.

If it is time to live in Merida, and it is time to move, surely you have certain fears and a little stress. Even more so if your family is large and on top of that you have many things to move. However, don't worry. Next, we give you several tips so that this move is carried out without any inconvenience.

Decalogue to move to Mérida, Yucatán

# 1 cope with stress

Two tips. To reduce physical stress, get organized and pack while maintaining your normal routine. To reduce psychological stress, find a way to summon your family to get everyone involved in the move and help them focus on the benefits of moving, such as the possibility of new adventures, a larger space, a more pleasant climate.

2) organize and plan ahead

If you organize and plan a move in advance, you will significantly reduce the stress on moving day and when you unpack everything in your new home.

3.The basis of success is communication

Children become attached to their home, their friends, and their memories. The idea of moving can be difficult. Help your children understand the benefits and opportunities of moving. Tell them the advantages of moving to the new home, what places they can visit and other attractions.

4.Think about the details

When planning your move, consider the important details. Find schools, stores, entertainment options that your family will enjoy. In Mérida you can find answers and places to meet all those expectations.

5. Make moving a game

Make the moving process a game. Packing is a huge chore, but making it a fun event for the whole family can help speed up the time.

6. Give away or donate what you no longer need

Take to your new home only what you are going to occupy. A move can be the best excuse to detach yourself from what you don't need. Remember: give away or donate.

7. make an inventory

Moving to Merida
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Establishing and making an inventory list can save you a lot of headaches. Using a color-coding system to organize what boxes and items go into your new home using, for example, a floor plan, will also make your move easier.

8. Use technology for your move

Keep your phone, tablet or laptop charged during the moving process. This allows you to check your inventory, see advice and modify the moving plan, in case you need to make changes. You can also open maps, when you need this information on the trip.

9. Keep items you need close by

Pack a travel bag that includes clothing and toiletries so you have them on hand. Not keeping your cards and documents.

10. Entertains the kids on the go

Moving can be boring for children. You need something to help them hold their attention. Avoid letting them spend hours on a tablet, and give them some games and activities that they can do together and as a family.

If you follow these tips, you will definitely be ready to move to Mérida, Yucatán and enjoy all its benefits and attractions with your family. What are you waiting for?

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