What you should know before buying your house and moving to Mérida  

Moving to Mérida. Yucatan is synonymous with benefits and buying a home is one of them. There are affordable properties and the cost of living in Merida is much lower when compared to other states. That is why, every day, more foreigners and Mexicans decide to move to the capital of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Moving to Merida
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If you intend to move to Mérida, Yucatán and buy a house, but you do not have experience in acquiring properties, here are 4 tips for you to buy a home in Mérida.

 Identify your needs

The first step to living in Merida and buying a home is identifying what you need. It sounds easy but it is not that simple. Investing in a home is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. The first thing you have to do is find a real estate agent. These professionals are aware of market prices, have experience and have a wide portfolio of properties.

Then ask yourself what do you need? A small or large home? With outdoor areas? What footage would it have to have? With or without a pool? With how many parking spaces?

Then it is advisable that you think about the area in which you would like to live. Why do you have that choice? How close is that neighborhood to your work or to the things you usually do (go to the club, take the children to school, etc.)?

Don't make hasty choices. Deciding and buying a property is not something that is done quickly.

Visit and review of facilities

If you are already in this step it is because you have several properties selected and together with your agent they will go to visit them. Pay attention to the facilities. If you don't understand much of that, try to go with an architect or a professional related to the sector. It will be very helpful to make a good decision.

Invest in a legal advisor specialized in real estate matters

To feel more secure with the contract, in addition to hiring an agent, you have to invest in a legal advisor. In that sense, that professional will be able to verify if all the legal aspects, before making the purchase, are in order. 

With the right advice there will be no unfortunate surprises after buying the property, and no unexpected clauses in the purchase agreements. Investing in a quality attorney is vital to contract negotiations and closing the deal.

Hire a reputable real estate agency

Real estate agencies, if you are going to move to Mérida, Yucatán, they have a good reputation. However, it is always better to turn to a firm that has experience, recommendations and positive references.

 What is the cost to buy a house and move to Merida?

The real estate market in Mérida is quite wide and there are options for all types of budgets. For example, according to a report, carried out by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), a 220 m² house can be priced at $9,500 Mexican pesos per m². The same study shows that the price of housing, according to its category is:

Residential plus: they are houses of more than 225 m². Its price is around $28,978 Mexican pesos per m².

Residential housing: houses up to 225 m², $14,637 Mexican pesos per m².

Average housing: house of up to 145 m². Its approximate cost is $9,000 pesos per m².

Social interest housing: houses up to 30 m². Its price per m² is $7,085 Mexican pesos per m².

Deciding where a next home will be is always a decision that must be made in advance. Living in Mérida has multiple benefits And buying a home in one of the best cities in the world is reason enough.

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