If you thought it was an Eden for its beauty, tradition and security, really discover how much it costs to live in Merida and be amazed.

We present you some information that you should know about costs in the city. Although moving to Merida sounds tempting, it's important that you consider the cost of living before putting your bags together. 

According to a report made by INEGI, it has been revealed that Merida is one of the cities where the cost of services is higher; However, this does not mean that it is impossible to lead a quality life in this city.

For example, the rent of a house room can vary between 2,500 and 15,000 pesos, depending on the area in which you choose to live.

The same INEGI report ensures that the level of inflation in the White City is higher than in neighboring cities, which means an increase in the average price of products and services.

Although the quality of life is considered higher, it will be necessary to make an adjustment in the budget according to the specific needs of each family.

As for housing, everything depends on an important decision: to buy or to rent?

how much does it cost to live in Merida
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The sale of a room can be around 300,000 to 2,000,000 pesos, at least in specific areas such as the south and west of the city.

If we move to the center or north of Merida, the sale of a property is between 2,000,000 and 4,000,000 million.

However, if a family decides to proceed with the rent of a house, then it must contemplate within its budget approximately 10,000 pesos per month, which will include energy, water, internet, gas and telephone services.

The reality of how much it costs to live in Merida will depend on the area in which a person or family decides to anchor their residence. It is possible that in the north of the city the price of rent and services is higher than in other areas, this is why it is important to set a maximum budget before proceeding with the search for a house, either to buy or rent.

Home maintenance also represents a significant expense. According to information provided by the site expatistan.com, The monthly cost of electricity, water and gas in Merida is estimated to be approximately a minimum of 1,500 pesos.

In addition, the monthly service of services such as internet or telephony can cost between 500 and 1,000 pesos, taking into account the needs of each family.

On the other hand, it is essential to make a price comparison before making a decision regarding the services that will be contracted at home.

On the other hand, the price of urban transport is 8 pesos for adults, although it also offers taxi services and digital platforms such as UBER, DIDI and CABIFY.

As for other services, a haircut can cost between 80 and 300 pesos, while a medical consultation in a pharmacy has a price that goes from 35 pesos.

And despite the fact that inflation in Merida is higher than that of other states of the Mexican Republic, the price of products and services can be varied. 

And now that you know how much it costs to live in Merida, have you already made a decision?

Don't forget that there are options for all kinds of budgets, regardless of the area in which you choose to live, so it will only be a matter of doing short research to discover for yourself how incredible it is to live in Merida!

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