Moving to Mérida, Yucatán has its advantages and living near its paradisiacal beaches is one of them.

Progreso is the most visited and closest beach to the capital, but rest assured that you will be able to find several alternatives to beaches that are not so well known and very close to Merida.

From Telchac to Chicxulub to Las Coloradas, in Yucatan there are paradisiacal beaches and sports for all tastes. Mérida has ports with night activity, as well as beaches that are a refuge for fishermen and home to incredible flora and fauna.

Get to know these beaches near Mérida with crystal clear waters and white sand

Beaches to visit if you plan to live in Merida

Telchac, place of fishermen

go figure move to Mérida, Yucatán and a weekend to know an idyllic fishing village. 38.5 kilometers from Progreso, Telchac is a port that stands out for its tranquility and white sand beaches.

This destination is ideal for practicing water sports or simply for swimming in the sea. You can tour the area and enjoy dishes based on fresh fish and seafood, prepared by the same inhabitants of its port.

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Chicxulub, a white sand beach

Chicxulub Puerto is a popular facility for practicing water sports, it is also the best beach for boating, windsurfing or diving.

Its beach is white sand and its waters are very crystal clear. It is a very beautiful place with a vibrant nightlife that includes restaurants, pubs and bars. Chicxulub is located just 8 kilometers from Progreso.

Las Coloradas, home to flora and fauna

Moving to Mérida, Yucatán gives you the chance to see the impressive work of natural art in Las Coloradas.

Preferred by Yucatecans, to get there you must go to Río Lagartos. This beach is characterized by its abundant marine fauna. It is an excellent place to swim, go to the beach or watch birds. The town is small but very cozy. In addition, it has the necessary infrastructure to rest and spend a special day.

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Chuburna Beach

Fishing lovers find in Chuburna Beach an ideal place. It is one of the closest beaches to Merida and is only 50 minutes away.

Chuburná Beach is not so frequented, except on weekends where you can see dozens of fishermen. Its waters are perfect for families or travelers looking for a beach to rest.

Santa Clara Beach

If you are going to live in Mérida, you cannot miss Playa Santa Clara. Its emerald green waters are home to hundreds of red flamingos. Santa Clara beach preserves its almost virgin natural beauty. It has several beach restaurants that are open from Monday to Friday. It is located 90.1 kilometers from Mérida.

Yucalpetén, the beauty of a beach near Mérida

Yucalpetén is a great option if you want to avoid going to Progreso and it is located about 6 kilometers from that destination.

It is a long beach, not very popular and more intimate. You can swim or sunbathe peacefully. In addition, you can walk on the sand while enjoying a delicious meringue or any craving that is never lacking in Yucalpetén, a beautiful beach near Mérida.

San Benito

This beach site is chosen by those who prefer long walks. There are few houses on its coast and it is quite affordable if you are looking for a place to spend the weekend. It is located 57.2 kilometers from Mérida.

Uaymitún, home of flamingos

Uaymitún is a flamingo paradise with a very intimate and extremely beautiful beach very close to Mérida. Its waters allow sports, are calm and highly recommended to go with children. The distance between Mérida and Uaymitún is 52 kilometers.

San Felipe

Located west of Dzilam Bravo. San Felipe is a port built mainly by wooden houses.

This beach port is located approximately 2 and a half hours from the city of Mérida. It has a beautiful promenade along the estuary, from where you can admire the beauty of the vegetation. If you like to go to see cenotes, this is a good starting point since there are five cenotes in the area.

Can you imagine living just minutes from the beach? In Mérida it is possible, do not miss this opportunity to live near the sea.

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