Living in Merida offers you the opportunity to delve into its famous and full of Yucatan words and phrases that when you understand, you will fall in love.

And it is that the Yucatecan heritage is not only formed by the ruins built by the Mayan ancestors, but also by the richness of their language.

Yucatecan words
I fall into the sea! Yucatecan phrases.

Yucatan is a state of unsurpassed wealth. Its landscapes, the Mayan culture reflected in its gastronomy and lifestyle, are not the only beauties it offers.

Known for his “clubbed” accent and well marked, Yucatecans communicate with a harmonious mixture of the language inherited by the Mayan culture and miscegenation.

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If you are a tourist or you start your life in Yucatan, it will be common for you to hear Yucatecan words, phrases in Mayan or even sung bombs for the ladies.

The language in Yucatan is easily distinguished from the vocabulary of other places.

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After visiting us, you will be able to recognize the Yucatecan accent among thousands of accents, and why not? You will even adopt some Yucatecan words or phrases in Mayan.

We recommend learning even a Yucatecan bomb to surprise more than one with its acid and flirty humor, full of albur.

Most popular Yucatecan words

Yucatecan words are used left and right by natives without knowing that they are phrases or expressions that not everyone understands!

For those of us who live in the Yucatan peninsula and go to other states, it is common to note that there are nomenclatures of objects that do not work the same anywhere else.


You will hear this word in the mouth of the Yucatan children and it refers to the pencil sharpener. Why chopper? From the verb tajar que means: cut, divide or section; Yucatecan made it easy for us to use the name of the instrument that cuts or sharpens pencils. Mare!


Another of the Yucatecan words that rings out in schools and markets. The bulk is the backpack or bag where things are loaded. Why lump? We do not know, for the theory with more sense is: because things do "bulk".


Don't go thumb your finger! Mom yells at her naughty son. Crushing in the Yucatecan vocabulary means squashing, bruising, crushing.


Yearning is a Mayan verb that was included in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy over forty years ago. Its origin dates back to Mayan nohla which means "to suck" and is used in Yucatecan expressions such as: I was yearning for my huaya.

And precisely, the Mayan verb nohla, It comes from the typical fruits of Yucatan such as the "huaya" and others that are put in the mouth and eaten little by little without swallowing the bone. That is anal.

If you are not very clear, a mint pill, from the Yucatec Mayan vocabulary, is also canceled. Learn more about the meaning of anolar.

Yucatecan words
Maaaaa some delicious handmade tortillas.

Yucatecan phrases or expressions

We already discussed a bit of the most common Yucatecan words, now it's time for Yucatecan phrases that are the result of the perfect combination between Mayan and Spanish.

Some Yucatecan phrases can be understood without having to search for their meaning, since all of them in Yucatecan culture have their own tones and accents when spoken.

The Yucatecan phrases or more friendly and familiar expressions are as follows:


In the Mayan language, the word 'Wáay' is associated with a dark side of the Yucatecan tradition. 

It means "sorcerer, horror, or ghost", so it should not surprise that this expression is used in moments where a feeling of surprise, fright, fear, admiration and sarcasm reigns.

The uay, is very common to denote that you are very surprised: Wow! Today it is very hot; Oops! there are many people in the center.

Do Ch'uuk

According to the dictionary of the Mayan language, the word ch'uuk means: loosen something tense.

Thus, the most usual thing is that you listen to this phrase when having breakfast or having a snack, when Yucatecans say the expression: "I am going to ch'uuk my bread in coffee."

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Be Nojoch

When a person pronounces the word Nojoch, he is referring to one thing is very big or wide.

Whether it refers to a meal, a person or a place. For example, when a person comes to buy a tamale, he can tell the seller: "Give me the tamal plus nojoch you have" or "That child is fine nojoch."

Make Lóoch

One of our favorite Yucatecan phrases to use on cold days, when you put the newspaper under the hammock because of the "freezing" and it is best to do loch to our partner.

In general terms, the expression 'Lóoch' refers to "hug around the neck”, But in practice, it will be common to hear Yucatecans use this phrase to refer to the act of hugging a person. 

So, you can "Make lóoch To your boyfriend your mom or whoever you want!

The tuch of the week

Tuuch means navel; On this side of the country it may be rare to hear the word navel on a daily basis. So, the 'navel' of the week, in Mérida and all of Yucatan takes on a new meaning: here, it is the 'tuuch of the week'.

Ay, chuuuch!

Yucatecan words

This expression can be used to demonstrate tenderness as well as to make a sarcastic comment. For example, when you see a cute scene in the street or in a movie you can say: "Oh, chuch, look how cute". 


It is one of the many Yucatecan expressions that can be used for many situations.

The word "mare" is used mainly to show surprise or enthusiasm, but you can basically use it for all the emotions you can feel.

For example, you can say: Mare, how tired I am! Mare, if the kilo of lemon is expensive!

Hand me the dealer

In Merida almost anything can take the term of "businessperson". Do not think it refers to a person doing business.

It is a word that can be used when you forgot the name of what you wanted to name at first.

One of the phrases most used by Yucatecan mothers and grandmothers is "Hand me that dealer"That is, pass me or give me the remote control, my wallet, my shoes, etc. The options are endless!

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This is another expression or Yucatecan word which can be used to denote surprise or something very pleasant; We also use it a lot for sarcasm: "Maaa, your new car is very nice".

 Just be careful, it must be a ma accompanied by a very particular Yucatecan tone. Not just any ma, it's our ma. It should come out spontaneous and natural from the bottom of the tuch: "Maaa, what a delicious cake."

This Yucatecan word cannot be defined, but it is felt when a comadre invites you to eat cicada on a Sunday, accompanied by a very cold beer and the only thing you can say is: Maaaaa!

I look for it, I look for it and I don't look for it

In Mérida they usually refer to this phrase to voice concern when you try to search for a thing and it can't be found.

The truth is that "I look for it, I look for it and I do not look for it”Is a Yucatecan phrase very poorly used in formal language. Since as we know, searching is not the same as finding ”.

Just like these Yucatecan phrases, there are many more words that we use to refer to situations. Surely very soon you will find yourself saying: Mare, I fall into the sea! I already speak as a Yucatecan!

By the way: In Yucatan the grandmothers are affectionately called "chichís" due to the Mayan vocabulary and they are the ones who know the colloquial language the most. So come to a chichí to instruct you in the Yucatecan words.

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