The home office is a fine art that is learned with discipline and an occasional technique ... If you are a beginner in remote work or it is difficult to be productive in pajamas, we leave you three main tips for first-timers.

Modernity requires new methods and work alternatives. Young people are the pioneers of the generation that wants to become a freelancer and start remote work businesses.

To achieve this it is necessary to have the basics for a home office: internet connection, computer and a workspace.

There are different companies and even restaurants that offer the best Internet connection services and coworking spaces that replace and improve the office work experience.

On the other hand, one of the fundamental problems of taking work home or starting a home office agenda is the lack of organization.

And not only that, you can create lists and an agenda to follow, but if you don't have discipline and self-control. Nothing we can advise you will be useful.

Once the above has been solved, it is worth checking these three tips to increase your creativity and be more productive in your home office time.

Tips for a productive home office

1.- The best room in the house

If your house has a patio or garden, use those outdoor spaces as an idea to gain greater productivity.

Being in an outdoor environment and in contact with nature, you will stay more concentrated for your home office activities.

In case you work from inside a home, in addition to being close to an internet source, you can adapt the space so that you feel more relaxed.

To make it, choose a place that has a window or access to natural light and reinforce the lighting with a functional lamp.

2.- Colors of space

Pay attention to the colors of the walls and choose accessories that encourage creativity.

An example is blue. Others, like green and white, help you focus. Too it is important that light and bright colors dominate the room that way you feel more motivated.

Color selection may be useful in creating a to-do list or activity calendar. Be it a manual, where you put post its and decorate with your favorite colors and designs, even a virtual one. Organization is the key to making the home office a success.

3.- The value of comfort

Another point to keep in mind when making a home office is related to the furniture. The sofa is a good option, but after several hours of work your body may not resist it.

Instead, invest in a small desk and comfortable chair. Finally, give the space your personal touch with some accessories and stationery that motivate you to work.

An idea that you will love is that you'll be able to work in comfortable clothes. Take advantage of the time you save on transportation to eat and take breaks; don't forget to change positions.

And, in case you want to work remotely and live on the beach, Mérida has an extensive coastline populated with super calm and relaxed spas. An example is Progreso, less than a 30-minute drive from the city.

Home office
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Do you know coworking?

For those who prefer to work outside their home, in addition to numerous cafes or restaurants, there are several coworking spaces. But what should be taken into account when choosing them? There are three key points: 

Location. Make sure that the space you choose is close to a physical environment that meets your needs and interests.

Mod cons. The services offered by a coworking go beyond WiFi and conference rooms. Offers such as parking, standing desks, among other options, are also attractive.

Cost effectiveness. One of the main reasons why you are selecting that space is for profitability. Find several options and decide which one is the best for your budget.

In Mérida we recommend these coworking:

UrbanHub: It has open and closed offices, conference rooms and handles different types of promotions.

Location: Calle 11 Nº 338

Clustering: In addition to the usual amenities such as open and closed workspaces, it has a free area with a pool and terrace and there is an area to go with children.

Location: Calle 61 Nº 217